Never-Trumper Smears Trump Supporters, Says It’s ‘Crazy’ to Think ‘Trump Is The Real President’

An explosive poll came out late last month that revealed a majority of Republicans believe that Donald Trump is the “true president.”

During an interview Monday morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough and Never-Trumper Charlie Sykes discussed the poll and spent most of their time smearing Trump supporters who believe this.

“Charlie, this is possible for one reason. It’s possible because a lot of our friends, you and me, a lot of our relatives, a lot of our fellow travelers, over our entire adult lifetime, a lot of people that we fought for small government with, that we fought to strengthen alliances against Russia and China and a lot of these people now — and I talk to them, and again, I went to church with them for, you know, my whole life, they are — they’re getting news sources for conspiracy websites across the globe,” Scarborough said.

“From conspiracy websites across the globe. And they will ask me, well, what about this Italy thing? What about — and they believe it. And by the way, these aren’t local yokels. These are people with, as I explain all the time, advanced degrees that have business majors, they’re hedge fund people, they’re lawyers, and yet, they’re believing conspiracy websites and are willing to throw democracy away over it,” he added.

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“I continue to be amazed by this, Joe. As long as we have seen it, as long as — as many times as we have talked about it, and that’s why I use that term, the doom loop of crazy, where you have an idea that is so bizarre, maybe it’s in the far reaches of the fever swamp, and then somebody like my pillow guy starts to advance it and you attempt to roll your eyes, but before you know, the former president of the United States is going, well, maybe that’s possible. And other people are saying, well, we’re just asking questions,” Sykes said.

“And you begin to realize millions of people believe this. It doesn’t matter what my pillow guys or what Donald Trump thinks,” he added.

“If tens of millions of people think that Donald Trump is the legitimate president of the United States, we are in a dangerous, dangerous place. And so, whatever we thought was happening back in 2017, when we were worried about fake news or worried about disinformation, all of that has gotten worse,” Sykes continued.

“And I have to say that it’s very difficult to cope with the questions you’re asking. What do you do when you have normally savvy, intelligent, sophisticated people who are willing to believe this sort of thing? You know, when the disease has gotten, you know, has spread, like a pandemic, a pandemic of crazy, that we have no treatment and no vaccine for,” Sykes concluded.


An explosive new poll reveals that a majority of Republicans believe that Donald Trump is the “true president.”

A Reuters/Ipsos poll asked, “Who do you think the true President is right now?”

Fifty-three percent of Republicans said Trump is, while 47% said Joe Biden is the “true president.”

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Interestingly enough, 3 percent of Democrats said Trump is the “true president.”

Additionally, 53% of independents said they believe the results of the 2020 presidential election were accurate.