NeverTrumpers release Dishonest “Conservative Report:” 2020 Election Was Lost Not Stolen.

There are two terms that every American citizen should know these days to help them wade through the avalanche of misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda that spews from our government, MSM, Democrats (communists), and RINOS: Strawman arguments and gaslighting.

A strawman argument is when your opponent cannot win an argument on merit, so they create a bogus debate point you never made and argue against that, usually successfully since it was bogus to begin with. Think China Virus measures are too draconian? You must be a “Covid denier”.

Gaslighting is attempting to make someone believe something other than what is clearly reality.

A new report from a self-described group of “Conservatives”, who are anything but, uses both techniques to claim that the 2020 election was lost by President Trump, rather than rigged and stolen by Sleepy Joe’s handlers. The title of the report is “The Conservative Case that Trump Lost and Biden Won the 2020 Presidential Election.” and is thoroughly debunked by Mollie Hemingway from The Federalist.

Hemingway points out that even the title of the RINO report is a strawman stating, “The report’s strawman-slaying title is intended to suggest that concerns about the integrity of that election are without merit.” What the report actually did, was simply extend the common Biden-sheep refrain about how no election related case was successful in the Courts, conveniently ignoring that actual evidence was seldom heard… and the huge recent successes in Wisconsin.

Hemingway adds that the report “itself simply goes through court decisions and recounts, listing how they turned out. It focuses on questions about “fraud,” rather than the significant and extremely well-substantiated concerns Republican voters have about the election.

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The RINO report also ignores the roles of Zuckerbucks laundered through the CTCL, drop boxes and mules.

Hemingway also digs into the authors of the report, who claimed “its conservative Republican bona fides were beyond question, asserting that no members “have shifted loyalties to the Democratic Party, and none bear any ill will toward Trump and especially not toward his sincere supporters.”

Instead, the authors turn out to be a “combination of NeverTrumpers and people who thought the Republican Party had gone off the deep end long before Trump’s arrival,” that use “misdirection and red herrings regarding “voter fraud” to avoid talking about genuine and substantiated concerns regarding illegal voting and election integrity.”

Who are these self-proclaimed paradigms of conservative virtue?

One was Thomas Griffith, whose latest claim to fame is that Sleepy Joe himself pointed to Griffith’s support of SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson in a speech.

Conservative card revoked.

Another author was David Hoppe, who was once Paul Ryan’s chief of staff. Hoppe admitted “much support for its project from volunteers at high-powered, inside-the-Beltway law firms.” Conservative law firms in DC? Right. And don’t forget that Paul Ryan seems to have an ongoing feud with President Trump.

Conservative card revoked.

Another author, Ted Olson did serve as Solicitor General under G. W. Bush but is most known for “being the brains and muscle behind the legal campaign to redefine marriage to include same-sex couples.”

Olson not only refused to help President Trump with the Russian collusion hoax, but he also appeared on MSNBC to denigrate the President; went to Mitch McConnell to try to get him to hold SCOTUS replacement (Scalia) hearings before the election. It is also said that Olson is viewed as a “conservative attorney for sale,” by his peers.

Some conservative. Card revoked.

Then there is Michael McConnell, a former federal judge. McConnell actually argued FOR the second impeachment trial of President Trump. On publicly funded PBS no less.

Do we even need more?

Another former federal judge, Michael Luttig, advised the Jan 6 Unselect Committee on how to “Trump-Proof” the 2024 election. Luttig also sits on the advisory board of “The Safeguarding Democracy Project,” which aggressively works against voter ID laws and contends that election integrity laws passed since the rigged and stolen 2020 election “threaten the cornerstone of American democracy.” Luckily for Americans, Luttig quit the bench in a huff after Dubya failed to nominate him to SCOTUS.

Two conservative judges’ cards revoked.

Former Sen. Gordon Smith, who served as a GOP Senator from 1997-2009, was considered one of the most liberal GOPers in the Senate. While former Sen. John Danforth of Missouri considered the GOP “too conservative” in 2005.

Revoked and revoked.

Author Ben Ginsberg actually wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post urging Republican voters to vote for Sleepy Joe.

Oh. That conservative card goes into the incinerator.

Nice try RINOs.

The American people will no longer be gaslighted by those that think calling themselves conservatives is enough to do the trick. The American people will no longer accept strawman arguments that are intended to shame and shut down debate.

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