New Battleground Poll Numbers Should Have Democrats Shaking In Their Boots

According to a new poll released by the New York Times, President Donald Trump is in a statistical tie with former Vice President Joe Biden and is beating Senator Elizabeth Warren in the majority of battleground states.

Democratic strategists say that the poll is "terrifying" because it shows that the President is favorable with likely voters in states such as North Carolina and Michigan. He is also barely behind Biden in states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Florida which should be very worrisome for Democrats.


What this means is that the President is in a statistical tie with Biden in all battleground states except for North Carolina.

Check out what the Daily Wire reported:

That’s probably not surprising news for the Trump camp, which has been publicly attacking Warren — and not necessarily Biden — of late, perhaps hoping that Democrats perceive Warren as Trump’s top threat. Biden, for all his faults, has a comfortable presence in “blue” and battleground states with a high percentage of middle class and working class voters, and he shares Trump’s message of economic populism, which resonated heavily with that demographic in 2016.
Biden has long been thought to be the biggest challenge for Trump among the potential 2020 nominees — and “establishment” Democrats have been preparing Biden’s coronation for quite some time.

Biden has had a rough time on the campaign trail considering he suffers from embarrassing gaffes and misstatements almost every campaign event, which is why Democrats are beginning to push for Warren as the Democratic nominee.

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Unfortunately for the Left, the New York Times reveals that if she were to win the nomination, she would most likely get destroyed by Trump in the key battleground states.

The Daily Wire continues:

Warren (and Sanders, though he’s so unlikely to be the nominee, it’s almost not worth analyzing), loses narrowly to Trump among registered voters in all battlground states except Arizona, where her lead falls within the polls margin of error. Among likely voters, Warren gets trounced by Trump almost across the board.
In states like Michigan and Florida, which both rejected Hillary Clinton in 2016 by narrow margins, Warren falls behind her predecessor candidate; Trump takes Michigan from Warren by 6 points and Florida by 4.
The worst news for Warren, though, is how badly she’s polling among non-white voters, who are a core element of the Democrat coalition. Clinton took black voters by an 80% margin over Trump in 2016, but they’re less enthusiastic for Warren. She faces the same chasm among Hispanic voters, doing 10 points poorer than Clinton did in 2016.

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