New DC Ad Campaign Successful Before It Even Starts!

Sometimes the best way to combat a problem is to address it, whether it’s an actual problem or not!

The saying goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Whether this is true or not, I still take ibuprofen BEFORE I know I might over imbibe, so I guess the saying is somewhat accurate.

Count on the dramatists in DC to spend massive amounts of money to combat a problem that doesn’t exist. Easy way to get a win, right?

What’s the story? Per the New York Post:

A single incident of anti-transgender harassment on the Washington, D.C., metro in the past two years has prompted an ad campaign to fight such hate across the city.

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority in May launched a campaign—funded with money from its $2.9 million annual advertising budget—at stations across the D.C. area pledging to make “Metro safer” by reducing harassment of transgender passengers. One advertisement features a white male with a man bun and beard yelling “transphobic slurs” at a gender-ambiguous person sitting on a train.

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Yay social justice! I suppose everyone in the DC that wakes up “feeling pretty” on any particular morning and has to take the bus can now feel much better about their ride. I mean, in terms of being harassed by a white hipster in a man bun. Can’t help you with the public urination, panhandling, crazy people, stinky people, and a-holes, all of which you usually see on big city public transit.
Shall we also address why it’s a white dude doing the harassing? Isn’t that kind of racist? I mean statistically speaking, more trans violence and harassment are perpetrated by the African American community. Turns out, they generally just aren’t down with the cause.
“NOT IN OUR HOUSE,” the ad reads while also encouraging D.C.-area straphangers to report such incidents to the Metro Transit Police Department (MTPD).
Ironic since so many use the public transit system like they live there, but I digress.

Anti-transgender hate crimes in 2020 accounted for less than 3 percent of all hate crimes recorded by the FBI, with black people as the most common offenders.

In the 28 anti-transgender hate crimes in D.C. logged by the FBI in 2020, none of the offenders were white. The same FBI statistics show that in the last 10 years white people have been responsible for just 2 out of the 217 recorded anti-transgender hate crimes in the city.

Well, those stats sure don’t back up the narrative! It should also be noted in the ad, a black female and an Asian man are watching the pretend incident, ostensibly preparing to call it in.

Hold up, I thought white dudes were out to perpetrate hate crimes on blacks and Asians? Now it’s the trans community? Just a hot second libs, I don’t have enough time in my day to hate everyone. You’re going to have to pick someone and stick to them!

On a serious note, imagine if the ad had featured a black man harassing a trans person, which statistically is way more likely. Imagine again a white person in the ad about to call the police on the black offender. DC would be in flames. The NAACP would be crying salty tears, BLM would be mobilized, and DC would be filled with (more) Antifa thugs.

This is not a good look for DC, a city that desperately needs a good look. I have a much less expensive ad campaign for them. In fact, they can use it, at no cost! How about a sign that simply reads “BE NICE”? No racist signs or ad campaigns, no virtue signaling, just old-fashioned common sense?

Nah, it’s DC. Common sense is banned there.

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