New National Poll Causes Massive Shakeup In 2020 Democrat Primary

A brand new Zogby Analytics poll has just delivered shocking results concerning the 2020 Democrat primary.

From virtually having no support, billionaire Michael Bloomberg has skyrocketed to 2nd place in the Zogby poll. Although Bernie Sanders has taken years to meticulously build a following of supporters, Bloomberg is apparently able to just buy his way to higher polling numbers.

Bloomberg only trails Bernie by 4 points in this newly released poll:

This 2nd place result now puts him ahead of Joe Biden, who has been campaigning for almost a full year.

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According to betting odds from RealClearPolitics, Bloombergs odds have skyrocketed to 33% to win the Dem nomination.

Take note of the orange line on the chart below, which represents Bloombergs odds skyrocket in the past couple of weeks:

By all indication, Bloomberg is in it to win it.

According to the LA Times, he is spending a whopping $124 million in the Super Tuesday states alone:

Democratic presidential candidate Michael R. Bloomberg has spent more than $124 million on advertising in the 14 Super Tuesday states, well over 10 times what his top rivals have put into the contests that yield the biggest trove of delegates in a single day.

The only other candidate to advertise across most of those states so far is Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has spent just under $10 million on ads for the March 3 primaries.

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