New Poll Reveals What Majority Think They’ll Be Paying For Groceries In The Future

Have you been to the supermarket lately? Obviously, if you’re alive and well, you have to have gone, right? Since we need food and other stuff to survive?

Well, then you’re probably aware that the price you’re paying for groceries right now is pretty darn atrocious. We have President Joe Biden and his leftist ilk to thank for the massive increase in prices we’re all having to pay to survive now. Inflation, likely caused by the stimulus money from the COVID pandemic, has caused the cost of living to also go through the roof.

And guess what?

A brand new poll from Rasmussen has revealed that Americans are not at all optimistic about this situation getting better any time soon. In fact, people seem to think things are going to get worse.

According to Newsmax, “Sixty-one percent of Americans expect to be paying even more for groceries a year from now, according to a new poll from Rasmussen Reports.”

Check out how the results from the poll break down via the Newsmax report:

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  • 9% say they think they’ll be paying less for groceries in a year. And 17% expect their grocery bills to be about the same. 14% were undecided.
  • 77% of Republicans say they expect to be spending more on groceries a year from now.
  • 47% of Democrats expect to be paying more.
  • 60% of independents expect to be paying more.
  • 89% of all those surveyed say they’re spending more for groceries now than they were a year ago. 6% say they aren’t paying more.
  • 63% say rising food prices are causing them to change their eating habits, while 31% say inflation has not changed their eating habits.

The poll was conducted between the dates of July 24-25 and surveyed a total of 1,000 Americans. The margin of error for the poll is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

What’s really aggravating about this whole situation is that the Biden administration refuses to take any sort of personal responsibility for the mess we’re currently in economically speaking.

The fact that our inflation is sky high is clearly the result of bad policies. It would be wonderful if the current administration would actually stop and say “hey, yeah, we thought we were making good decisions, but it turns out they were actually pretty bad decisions. We’ll get right to work on finding real solutions to fix this problem.”

I think a number of Americans would drop dead of a heart attack to hear such a phrase come out of our current leadership. That’s how shocking it would be.

The fact that the only offering the Biden administration is offering as a solution to inflation and high cost of living is the Inflation Reduction Act, which experts have already combed through and clearly stated it will only make things worse, is a testament to how much the liberals despise the average human being.

You can’t claim to be compassionate, caring people while creating policies that only serve to make those individuals you are supposed to be caring for absolutely miserable. That’s not how it works.

Let’s hope the Republican Party can take back control of Congress this fall and real, common sense economic policies are once again put back in place.



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