NEW POLL: Voters Trust President Trump More Than the Media When It Comes To COVID-19 Info

Trust in the ‘mainstream media’ has been tanking for years as journalists and reporters developed more of a Leftist slant.

But their bias has gone off the rails in the era of Donald Trump. In fact, newsrooms and networks have been open and blatant about throwing off what little credibility they still had to ‘oppose Trump’ while pretending that he’s a serious threat to our Constitution and way of life when, actually, he’s only a threat to their Left-wing Marxism.

And their unhinged Trump hate shows. In fact, a new survey found that voters trust the president to give them more accurate and reliable information about the COVID-19 pandemic than the press.

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That is a huge deal, though it’ll be lost on the perfumed princes and princesses in newsrooms because they’ll simply write off anyone who doesn’t trust them more as a hayseed ‘Trumpist’ who is just ‘too ignorant’ to know much.

This is how CBS News reported it:

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As the coronavirus outbreak continues, voters now have less trust in some key entities for information about the virus, with a notable drop in trust in the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).   Back in March, 86% of voters trusted the CDC for accurate information about the virus, but today just 54% do. Trust is down across all major demographics, including both Democrats and Republicans. Fewer also trust the media, their state’s governor and President Trump for accurate information about the coronavirus, compared to the spring. 

Did you catch that? “Also, fewer trust the media, their state’s governor and President Trump for accurate information…”

Yes, that’s true, according to a graph that accompanied the story. But what CBS News didn’t specifically note is that Americans trust the president more than the media (40 percent to 35 percent, respectively). The outlet also didn’t report that trust in the media tanked more (10 percent) than did trust in the president (6 percent).

But do you know what else the survey shows? That Democrats including the party’s standard-bearers, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, care so little about saving lives they are literally putting people in danger by talking down the ‘reliability’ of a vaccine that Trump says could be ready by October (because, you know, Trump just really wants to kill us all):

Skepticism about getting a coronavirus vaccine has grown since earlier this summer, and most voters say if a vaccine were made available this year, their first thought would be that it was rushed through without enough testing.

Just 21% of voters nationwide now say they would get a vaccine as soon as possible if one became available at no cost, down from 32% in late July. Most would consider it but would wait to see what happens to others before getting one. 

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Biden and Harris have both been talking down the development of a virus since the president announced that one is close. How irresponsible is that? 

“They are literally playing politics with people’s lives here by sowing doubt about a vaccine,” White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said Tuesday on “Fox & Friends.”

Politicizing a vaccine is literally unprecedented. But hey, Democrats have been politicizing the pandemic for months, so what else should we expect?

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