Citizens of the Old Dominion are learning that elections have consequences. Specifically, in this case, they’re learning that electing Republicans means returning to pro-American and pro-law and order policies.

First, they saw Youngkin launch an anti-Covid jab mandate blitz that was paired with a series of executive orders that struck back at the mask mandates and CRT lessons pushed onto Virginia’s schools by the agents of the former, leftist governor.

Now, they’re getting a reminder of what it’s like to have a real attorney general rather than a social justice warrior that crazy leftists like George Soros want in the AG’s office so criminals can be freed and law-abiding conservatives punished.

News on what he, Jason Miyares, is up to comes from ZeroHedge, which reported:

Within hours of taking office, Virginia’s newly sworn-in Attorney General Jason Miyares (R) cleaned house – firing dozens of lawyers, including those in the Civil Rights division…

[…]Miyares, who will take over Democratic AG Mark Herring, campaigned on a promise to pursue legislation that would enable state AGs to circumvent “social justice” attorneys who refuse to vigorously prosecute crimes.

Reporting further on the Civil Rights Division issue, the Richmond Times-Dispatch said:

Attorney General-elect Jason Miyares notified about 30 staff members in the office — 17 of them attorneys — that they won’t have jobs in his administration

[…]Miyares spokesperson Victoria LaCivita said the 30 staff members were told that Miyares would be moving in a different direction.

“During the campaign, it was made clear that now Attorney General-elect Miyares and Attorney General Herring have very different visions for the office,” she said by email for this story. “We are restructuring the office, as every incoming AG has done in the past.”

However, while the firing of many bureaucrats and lawyers is good news, Miyares might not be going all the way; the Richmond Times-Dispatch notes that he might continue some of the investigations and projects that the last AG’s Civil Rights team was working on. Still, it’s good to see so many leftists go.

Further, Miyares is working on taking action to defend law and order in the Old Dominion.

Whereas his predecessor didn’t wrangle the state’s Soros-backed prosecutors into doing their jobs and going after criminals, he’s indicated that he’ll do just the opposite. As Fox reported about his plans in November:

Virginia Attorney General-elect Jason Miyares said that he and Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin will pursue legislation to enable the state’s attorney general to circumvent “social justice” commonwealth’s attorneys who refuse to vigorously prosecute crimes.

At a news conference on Thursday, Miyares laid out “one of our major legislative initiatives” which Youngkin “has already indicated that he would sign… into law.” 

Under current law, the AG’s office can prosecute a case on behalf of a commonwealth’s attorney – Virginia’s version of a district attorney (DA) – so long as the DA requests it.

So, Miyares, who once said “George Soros-backed commonwealth’s attorneys are not doing their jobs,” appears to be working with Governor Youngkin to tackle the issue and lock up criminals without regard to Soros-backed DAs want.

Elections have consequences. In this case, because the conservatives won, the consequence is a return to sanity and law and order.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.