New York Times Demands That Trump Declare A National Lockdown

The New York Times is demanding that President Trump lockdown the entire country with no regard to the widespread economic damage that it would cause. 

To the unhinged left, the worst possible outcome of the coronavirus crisis would be for President Trump to save the economy and emerge stronger than before. 

This a large reason why the national media has been working overtime to create a state of national hysteria and to savagely attack the president at every turn. 

To the left, chaos is the goal and the longer that it goes on, the better for the Democrats and the once venerable newspaper has mobilized its staff of motivated propagandists. 

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After Trump expressed his hopes that the country could be open again for business by Easter, the authoritarian Democrats who have shut down states and cities and deprived their citizens of their civil liberties flew into action to undermine the POTUS. 

And the NYT is leading the drumbeat for these un-American decrees that have an ominous whiff of what it is like to live under an oppressive communist system. 

Via The Hill, “New York Times editorial board calls for national lockdown over coronavirus”:

The New York Times editorial board is calling for a national lockdown in the U.S. to combat the outbreak of the coronavirus as the growing number of confirmed cases begins to overwhelm health systems in parts of the country.

“President Trump needs to call for a two-week shelter-in-place order, now, as part of a coherent national strategy for the coronavirus to protect Americans and their livelihoods,” the editorial board wrote Tuesday, arguing that the U.S. had passed the point “where aggressive, targeted efforts at tracking and containment … have a realistic chance of success.”

The editorial board acknowledged that Trump does not have the authority to impose a national lockdown, though it urged him to use his platform to “put pressure on, and provide political cover for, governors to take the hard steps that are needed.”

“As the president’s own health advisers warn, the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is yet to come,” it added. “The nation’s slow and spotty response has allowed the virus to spread to every state. Modeling by researchers at the Imperial College London indicates that upward of two million lives could be lost to the pandemic unless America somehow manages to ‘flatten the curve.'”

The paper’s demand is issued as the Big Apple has been hit hard by the virus, largely due to the massive densely packed population as well as the gross incompetence of socialist Mayor Bill de Blasio who dithered in the early stages of the outbreak and has been on cable news trashing Trump ever since. 

The Times can also be counted on to carry the water for NY Governor Andrew Cuomo who is beginning to emerge as an establishment-backed alternative to the senile and pathetic Joe Biden and could come out of a brokered convention with the nomination. 

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While the paper admits that there is no way to compel the president to comply, it will serve as a feeder system for talking points provided to the entire media who will point to the Times as a reputable source as they open a new line of attack on Trump. 

The Times editorial staff is a motley collection of wokesters, Trump haters, cranks and Democrat activists who have yet to be right about one thing in the last four years but they just don’t give up. 

All of their pontificating about saving lives is hogwash, this is just more of the same use of the Rahm Emanuel maxim of never letting a good crisis to to waste. 

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