New York Times Promotes Disgusting Headline, Says Attacks On Jews Is Good For Republicans

On Monday, the New York Times promoted an opinion piece written by Michelle Goldberg, titled “Attacks on Jews Over Israel Are a Gift to the Right.”

The disgusting article explained how the recent “flagrant public assaults on Jews,” which, according to Goldberg was “more reminiscent of the sort of anti-Semitic aggression common in Europe,” is motivated by anti-Zionism.

The Daily Wire reports:

Throughout the piece, Goldberg makes several deeply controversial claims, including that “four years of spiking anti-Semitism that started around the time Republicans nominated Donald Trump in 2016” — thereby linking the rise in anti-Semitism to American conservatism. Perhaps most absurd, however, was Goldberg’s argument that waves of violence against Jews by pro-Palestinian activists and radical Muslims “also threatens to undermine progress that’s been made in getting American politicians to take Palestinian rights more seriously.”

“Many progressives, particularly progressive Jews, have worked hard to break this automatic identification and to open up space in the Democratic Party to denounce Israel’s entrenched occupation and human rights abuses,” Goldberg wrote.

“This wave of anti-Semitic violence will increase the difficulty of that work,” Goldberg said. “The Zionist right claims that to assail Israel is to assail all Jews. Those who terrorize Jews out of rage at Israel seem to make their point for them.”

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The Times was quickly met with harsh backlash for the absurd headline and later changed the title to read, “The Crisis of Anti-Semitic Violence.”

Check out some reactions online:

“Michelle Goldberg’s column is routinely a steaming pile of horses***. This one, however, is the Mt. Everest of steaming piles of horses***.”

“Michelle Goldberg has always been so hateful and unhinged, but this might be her worst take yet.”

“Jews are getting beat up in US, but what is really bad about this for NYT’s Michelle Goldberg is it ‘threatens to undermine progress made in getting American politicians to take Palestinian rights more seriously.’ Antisemitism makes it tougher for the Left to bash Israel. Wow.”

The @nytimes just wrote an editorial saying anti-Semitic attacks on Jews in America are a gift to the right. Seriously, this headline just happened.”

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