New York Times Takes Aim At Mount Rushmore As The War On America Intensifies

The anti-American insurrection of "woke" Marxists and their media allies has now moved beyond merely toppling statues of historic figures that they disapprove of onto bigger and better things.

On the week of the Fourth Of July with most fireworks shows and celebrations having been crushed under the heel of Democrat-controlled state and local governments who rabidly hate this great nation, the extremist mobs are targeting Mount Rushmore. 


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As a subplot of the classic 2004 puppet satire Team America World Police, the South Dakota monument which served as a base for the heroes was the focus of a terrorist plot led by the morbidly obese leftist filmmaker Michael Moore who was able to defeat security and set off an explosive suicide vest. 

This time it is real and with President Trump scheduled to attend the fireworks show in one of the few states with the guts enough to stand up to the media tyrants, the DNC is sanctioning the coming assault on one of America's most cherished national icons. 

As is the disgusting and seditious New York Times, a once-respectable newspaper that has been overrun with young "woke" ideologues and has served as the tip of the spear for the anti-white, anti-Trump and anti-American propaganda that has poisoned millions of minds. 

Via The Washington Free Beacon, "NY Times Joins DNC in Criticism of Mount Rushmore":

Ahead of President Donald Trump's Friday visit to Mount Rushmore the New York Times published an article criticizing the racist history of the memorial, its sculptor, and the "complicated legacy" of the presidents represented on it.

The article, "How Mount Rushmore Became Mount Rushmore," states that the national monument has "never been without controversy." The article comes ahead of a planned Independence Day celebration at the monument featuring Trump, an event the Times says has "invited even more scrutiny of the monument’s history, the leaders it celebrates, the sculptor who created it and the land it towers over."

Reporters Bryan Pietsch and Jacey Fortin note critiques of each of the four presidents featured on Mount Rushmore—criticizing George Washington and Thomas Jefferson as slaveowners, Theodore Roosevelt as "a racist" who "actively sought to Christianize and uproot Native Americans," and even Abraham Lincoln, noting that "some have characterized [the Emancipation Proclamation] as reluctant and late."

The article follows a Monday attack on Mount Rushmore by the Democratic National Committee, which wrote in a now-deleted social media post that Trump was "glorifying white supremacy" by hosting a fireworks display at the monument.

The NYT smeared the monument's sculptor as having ties to the Ku Klux Klan as well as being an anti-Semite and a (yawn) white supremacist. 

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What else could be expected from the publisher of the insidious 1619 Project, a racist revisionist history collection that has done much to contribute to mob violence and the attacks on white people who don't bend a knee to Black Lives Matter? 

Given Mount Rushmore's importance to America and the four faces chiseled into the face of the mountain of former presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln whose statues are being toppled, it is a prime target for the communist-inspired mobs. 

How long until the cries of "tear it down" begin - if they haven't already.