NEXT UP! Republicans Look To Block Biden’s Pro-Abortion, Anti-Gun HHS Nominee

With Biden finally withdrawing the nomination for Neera Tanden, who had utterly torched her reputation through her disgusting online rhetoric, Republicans are looking to halt the nomination of another terrible pick from the new administration.

Fox News reports:

“Hours after Tanden requested to be removed from consideration due to opposition from both sides of the aisle, the Senate Finance Committee will vote on Becerra’s nomination Wednesday morning. A number of Republicans have already voiced concern over Becerra’s professional background, believing the California attorney general is not qualified to lead HHS.

“I would’ve been willing to vote for somebody, absolutely, but you’ve got to at least know something about the subject matter,” Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., said after Becerra’s confirmation hearing, according to The Hill.

“If I as a doctor was appointed to be the attorney general of the United States of America, what would you think? That’s kind of odd,” he continued.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., also reportedly called Becerra’s nomination “a puzzling selection for this critical post,” and Fox News has learned that Finance Committee member Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, plans to vote against Becerra.

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Becerra’s nomination has drawn attention not just from lawmakers who want to see someone more qualified put into the position of Head of Health and Human Services. It’s also drawn the attention of those who fear his partisan hackery will be used to wield extra-judicial power over areas of law such as abortion and firearms ownership.

Fox News continues.

Becerra has zero medical experience, unless you count suing Catholic nuns trying to force them to pay for abortions,” Heritage Action for America’s Arizona ad says, referencing his role in a case against the Catholic group Little Sisters of the Poor. The case dealt with requiring organizations to provide employees with insurance that covers contraception, including some that have been claimed to potentially result in early abortion. While Becerra did not initiate the lawsuit against Little Sisters of the Poor, the group did become a defendant after it intervened.

Heritage Action for America’s West Virginia ad calls Becerra’s nomination “a big test for Joe Manchin,” claiming that the HHS pick “wants to ban” guns. A third ad points to Becerra’s support for socialized medicine and calls him “a radical partisan, an activist, not a doctor.”

One thing is certain, Biden is sure to attempt pushing through as many radicals as he can into his new Cabinet. The characterization of Creepy Joe during the Democrat Primaries/election as anything other than a total pushover for the most extreme and vicious zealots of the Left has turned out to be a resounding lie. 

But we’ve known that since the King Obama years or since he named Harris (the candidate with the lowest approval rating for her extremism) as his VP. 

The swamp has truly returned.

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