NFL Great Brett Favre Endorses President Trump; ‘My Vote Is For What Makes This Country Great’

President Trump continues to rack up the endorsements only days before the election and has added the nod of an all-time NFL great to his collection. 

Hall Of Fame quarterback Brett Favre defied the Twitter hate mob by announcing his support for Trump and “what makes this country great” which is not the authoritarian socialists using Joe Biden as their Trojan horse to political power.  

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Favre’s endorsement is the latest in a line of high-profile sports and entertainment figures who have come out in favor of keeping America great and out of the clutches of radicalized Democrats and their Deep State/globalist backers. 

Favre tweeted:

“My Vote is for what makes this country great, freedom of speech & religion, 2nd Amnd, hard working tax paying citizens, police & military. In this election, we have freedom of choice, which all should respect. For me & these principles, my Vote is for @RealDonaldTrump. #Vote”

Favre also participated in a White House town hall last week where he and Trump threw mud in the eye of the “woke” activists who have sucked the joy out of sports by talking about how fans don’t want their peaceful enjoyment of the games poisoned by divisive leftist politics. 

Via The Washington Examiner, “Brett Favre and Trump agree that sports fans don’t want political messaging mixed with their sports’ during town hall interview”:

Former Green Bay Packers star Brett Favre asked President Trump about the NFL’s and NBA’s low ratings amid the leagues’ social justice campaign, saying it’s clear fans don’t want politics “mixed with their sports.”

“My question is the NBA and the NFL are struggling with lower ratings as fans clearly do not want political messaging mixed with their sports. So, how should the leagues support and promote an anti-racism position without becoming political and alienating fans?” Favre said in a prerecorded video during a town hall with Sinclair Broadcasting aired Wednesday. 

Trump agreed with Favre, telling host Eric Bolling: “People don’t want to see all of the politics.”

“They’ve got enough politics with me and with everybody else. And they don’t want to see it with football or sports on Sunday or whenever they happen to be watching. I think it’s had a huge impact on sports, a huge negative impact on sports. And I think that football ought to get back to football and basketball to basketball. And let politics remain separate,” the president continued.

“They want to have these players stand and salute or put their hand over their heart or at least stand for the national anthem and salute,” he said. “They want to respect the American flag. They want respect for our country. They want respect for the American flag.”

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The gunslinger golfed with President Trump this summer. 

The endorsement follows another by golf legend Jack Nicklaus who also threw his support behind Trump earlier this week. 

The former Green Bay Packers superstar’s nod can’t do anything but help President Trump in the critical battleground state of Wisconsin that will have a big say in whether America falls to the socialists or remains a free country. 


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