NFL Player Accused Of Flipping Off Caravan Of Trump Supporters

Patriotic Americans were given another message about how the National Football League feels about them thanks to the actions of star receiver DeAndre Hopkins. 

On Sunday, the Arizona Cardinals wideout was on the way to the team’s home game against the Seattle Seahawks in his Ferrari when he encountered a caravan of Trump supporters on Interstate 10.

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What happened next spoke volumes. 

Hopkins – who was reportedly driving recklessly – took his hands off the wheel of his expensive ride and shot the double bird to those in the vehicles who were out showing their support for President Trump before the election. 

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Via The Arizona Republic, “Attendees of pro-Trump caravan say Cardinals player DeAndre Hopkins flipped them off”:

People participating in a caravan of hundreds of vehicles circling Valley highways as a parade of sorts for President Donald Trump say Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins swerved through the caravan and flipped people off.  

People who said they were in the caravan posted photos on Twitter of Hopkins giving the middle finger while driving a Ferrari convertible around 1:30 p.m. In the images, he is wearing a distinctive shirt that he was seen wearing when he arrived at State Farm Stadium later that afternoon.  

Tony Garcia and April Garcia were driving in the caravan when they noticed a black Ferrari weaving in and out of the line. They said they saw the Ferrari exit the Loop 101 freeway near the stadium and hypothesized that the driver could be a football player.

Tony Garcia said he realized it was Hopkins when he looked up photos of players and found one of Hopkins wearing the same shirt the driver was wearing. He said people in the caravan were posting about it on the Patriots of Arizona Facebook page. 

April Garcia said the driver of the Ferrari was speeding and creating a dangerous driving situation.

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Hopkins’ antics are consistent with the league’s contempt for patriotic citizens that has exploded this year after the NFL openly embraced the Marxist-inspired Black Lives Matter movement, a violent racist entity that is incompatible with traditional American values. 

The league opened the season with on-field demonstrations, social justice slogans in end zones, and the divisive playing of two national anthems, one for black people and one for everyone else but dialed back the in-your-face activism after early ratings tanked. 

But there will always be those who let fans know where they stand and it isn’t only Hopkins. 

Last week, Fox’s top two NFL announcers were caught on a hot mic trashing the military flyover at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium and voicing their support for the Kamala Harris-Joe Biden ticket. 

Troy Aikman: “That’s a lot of jet fuel just to do a little flyover”

Joe Buck: “That’s your hard-earned money and your tax dollars at work”

Troy Aikman: “That stuff ain’t happening with the Kamala-Biden ticket, I’ll tell you that right now, partner”

As with the disrespect for the flag and those who died under it to keep America free with kneeling during the Star-Spangled Banner, the conduct of these clowns has been sanctioned by the NFL itself and don’t expect to see any disciplinary action taken against Hopkins. 

And faster than you can say Colin Kaepernick, a new resistance hero has been born. 

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