NFL Playoff Ratings Way Down After League’s Embrace Of Toxic Leftist Politics

The ratings are in for the first weekend of the NFL playoffs and the disappointing numbers could be an indication that the league is going to have trouble going forward after it fully embraced “woke” politics. 

Despite the two additional wild card games and close contests with only one stinker, ratings were down significantly from last year and in some time slots, the lowest in years. 

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The underwhelming ratings would appear to be confirmation that throwing in with the divisive Black Lives Matter movement and embracing the Marxist-inspired agenda that it represents has alienated millions of fans, reversing the recovery that the NFL had made in the two years since the Colin Kaepernick fiasco. 

The one game that exceeded expectations was the late Sunday afternoon time slot with the woeful Chicago Bears being clobbered by the New Orleans Saints in a game not remotely as close as the 21-9 score indicated. 

The poor ratings were unhelped by the new marketing gimmick of televising a game on Nickelodeon with enhanced cartoon graphics.

Via Breitbart, “Ratings for the NFL Wild-Card Games Are Bad, Very Bad”:

Like the rest of the NFL’s 2020 season, the Wild Card games are suffering in the ratings, according to reports.

According to Sports Media Watch, “Bears-Saints led the NFL’s expanded six-game Wild Card weekend slate with a Nielsen-estimated 16.4 rating and 30.65 million viewers across CBS, CBS All-Access and Nickelodeon — down 15% in ratings and 13% in viewership from the same window last year (Seahawks-Eagles: 19.2, 35.12M) and down 17% and 15% respectively from 2019 (Eagles-Bears: 19.7, 35.89M). Those games aired on NBC.”

The game did deliver the largest TV audience since the last Super Bowl, but still trailed CBS’s Titans-Patriots Wild-Card game from last year, the site noted. Furthermore, “It was the least-watched Wild Card game in the late Sunday afternoon window since 2008 (Titans-Chargers: 26.63M) and the lowest-rated since at least 1998,” SMW wrote.

The Colts-Bills game earned 11.6 and 20.08 million but was the least-watched Wild Card game on any network since ABC’s Colts-Jets game in 2003 (19.66M).

ESPN also suffered a ratings collapse.

“ESPN averaged a 14.2 and 24.82 million for Ravens-Titans on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 and Freeform — down 18% in both measures from Vikings-Saints on FOX last year (17.4, 29.93M) and down 8% and 2% respectively from Chargers-Ravens on CBS in 2019 (15.4, 25.38M). Compared to last year’s Wild Card game on ESPN/ABC — Bills-Texans on a Saturday afternoon — ratings fell 7% (from 15.2) and viewership 6% (from 26.34M),” the site reported.

While NBC’s Browns-Steelers averaged a 13.4 rating and 24.78 million viewers, there was no exact correlating game lat year. But NBC’s single Wild-Card game last year won a 19.2 rating and 35.12 million viewers.

NBC’s Tampa Bay-Washington game also suffered.

SMW added, “NBC also averaged an 11.5 and 21.37 million for Tampa Bay-Washington on Saturday night, down a third in ratings and 32% in viewership from last year on CBS (Titans-Patriots: 17.1, 31.42M), down 28% and 27% respectively from 2019 on FOX (Seahawks-Cowboys: 15.9, 29.38M) and the lowest rated Wild Card game on any network since at least 1998.”

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In more bad news for the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers who are traditionally a big ratings draw due to their national following gagged up a hairball in their surprising prime time choke job against Baker Mayfield’s Cleveland Browns. 

From the minute that commissioner Roger Goodell apologized to the kneelers in a video that resembled the ones put out by ISIS prior to beheading their victims and the league’s decision to play two national anthems for the season openers – one for black people- it was inevitable that fans would find other things to do. 

The ratings dive comes on top of a regular season that while not the disaster that some had predicted, were still down 7 percent with the renewal of advertising deals coming up quicker than an iceberg on the horizon. 

It was always a reach to believe that suggesting that millions of your own fans may be racists and the chickens are now coming home to roost.