NFL Sunday Night Ratings Down For Second Week In A Row As Fans Reject "Woke" Football

The NFL season is barely two weeks old and it is already beginning to look like Roger Goodell has made a horrific strategic miscalculation. 

The ratings are in from Sunday night's nationally televised game and while they aren't as bad as the horrific 28 percent drop from last week, they are still down significantly with fans rejecting the league's sponsorship of the divisive Black Lives Matter message.


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The marquee matchup between the Russell Wilson's Seattle Seahawks and Bill Belichick's Tom Brady-less New England Patriots and new quarterback Cam Newton should have been ratings gold but clocked in at a disappointing 17 percent drop from week one.  

This is not good news for Goodell and the "woke" suits at NFL headquarters who spent all summer arrogantly suggesting that millions of their own fans may be racists and in Goodell's case, sucking up to Colin Kaepernick. 

But the time that last week's season openers kicked off with dueling national anthems, a significant number of fans had already decided that Goodell could stick "woke" football where the sun doesn't shine. 

Via Breitbart News, "Go Woke, Go Broke: Sunday Night Football Ratings Crash by 17%":

Whoever advised the NFL that turning their games into a showcase for leftist activism was a good idea, should be probably be declared non-essential.

NBC’s Sunday Night Football showcased two of the best franchises in the NFL over the last decade, despite that, the ratings crashed by nearly 20 percent.

“Pulling in 12.22 million viewers in the early metrics and 3.5 in the ratings between 7 -11 PM ET, last night’s big NFL game was down 17% in audience and 25% in the demo from the early numbers of last week’s SNF official season debut,” Deadline Hollywood reported. That hometown win on September 14, 2020 by the LA Rams over the Dallas Cowboys shifted up a bit to 18.94 million viewers and 6.2 ratings for the Comcast-owned network and the league in the final numbers.”

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The Sunday night ratings drop is illustrative of a far deeper problem with the clueless decision-makers at NFL headquarters in that they alienated the very fans whose loyalty has built the league into one of the most successful brands in favor of yappy Twitter activists and sports media social justice crusaders who don't buy tickets, merchandise or for that matter, tune into the games either. 

For a league that puffs itself as a champion of the "oppressed" and is on a crusade to end racism albeit with more racism, it should be a wake-up call when a game featuring two of the NFL's gunslinging black quarterbacks failed to appeal to the SJW crowd. 

What turned out to be a thrilling, back and forth contest of explosive offensive fireworks from Wilson and Newton as well as a Super Bowl rematch and which went down to the final play should have been a ratings bonanza had Goodell not bent the knee to BLM. 

If there is one silver lining for the NFL it's that the game blew the virtue-signaling liberal elitist snobfest Emmy Awards completely out of the water even with Chuck Schumer's ventriloquist dummy Jimmy Kimmell as one of the hosts. 

Americans may be disgusted with the NFL but they absolutely HATE Hollywood. 

Even though the league and network significantly downplayed the national anthem antics this week it is going to take something like a public apology from Goodell and all of the holier than thou multimillionaires led by Drew Brees and JJ Watt to stop the bleeding.