Ninth County In Lone Star State Has Made Major Declaration Over Border Crisis

Things at the southern border are not getting any better, thanks to the inaction of the Biden administration to take rational steps to secure the border and enforce immigration laws. In fact, it seems things are actually getting worse.

A new report from Just the News has revealed that a ninth county in the state of Texas has now declared an invasion along the southern border that the U.S. shares with Mexico.

Wise County, which is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan statistical area, has officially joined eight other counties that have declared invasion just last month.

The Wise County Commissioner’s Court voted, unanimously I might add, on Monday to invoke Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution and declared both Texas and the United States as being under invasion. The county then made a request of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott to declare an invasion and “take back our southern border.”

In reality, immigration law and enforcement is supposed to be a federal matter. They are supposed to be taking action to erect a wall or fence and then provide the necessary resources to enforce the law and send illegal migrants back across the border.

However, it’s an election year and Democrats want to ensure they have zero chance of losing come November. In order to make sure they retain control of Congress, they are attempting to mess around with the demographics in our country and fill out their voter rolls with those who have crossed the border illegally.

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Judge J.D. Clark went on to say that the court approved the declaration of invasion as an act of “solidarity with Texas border counties.”

“This is something that began with declarations and resolutions from counties on the border, understandably,” he then stated, “but we’re seeing counties not on the border doing this as well because it affects you no matter where you are in the state and the nation.”

He went on to state that declaring an invasion “is a way to show that we recognize the massive issue that is happening down there and we stand with them— they are in a war zone. We know the state is [stepping up] because the federal government isn’t doing its job but the state can do more.”

Just the News is reporting that “Wise County has seen the biggest impact of an open border in the amount of methamphetamine pouring into the county, he said. It used to be that the meth problem was fed by home grown meth labs, he said, but that was eliminated because of a number of reasons. Now, that’s been replaced by cartel meth coming from Mexico, where it’s cheaper to produce, he said.”

Clark signed the declaration along with the other four county commissioners.

“Kinney, Goliad, Terrell, Edwards, and Presidio counties and the City of Uvalde were the first to declare an invasion at the southern border. Jeff Davis County’s judge had issued a declaration July 6 but its county commissioners didn’t vote in favor of it. Uvalde County had expressed interest in declaring an invasion but has yet to do so. The city’s mayor declared an invasion separately,” the report said.

And there are apparently several other counties in Texas that are due to issue invasion declarations in the coming weeks, proving this is not an isolated experience. Illegal migrants are flooding into our country in almost unfathomable numbers.

There’s nothing wrong with legal immigration. Conservatives and people located along the southern border are not at all against those who come here the right way. However, illegal migrants are overburdening a system that was already at its limits.

Something must be done soon to end this situation.

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