No More Migrants to be bused to Florida, Says Desantis

The State of Florida has not taken any part in busing migrants to New York City or Washington, DC, because Biden has stopped sending busloads of illegal aliens to the Sunshine State. Perhaps this is because the no-nonsense governor has threatened to reroute any of these buses to the President’s home state of Delaware.

During a cabinet meeting this past week, Governor DeSantis explained that Biden has yet to send illegal immigrants to Florida following the state’s threats and the recent implementation of SB1808, passed in June to protect the state of Florida against Biden’s disastrous border policies. Also contributing to Biden’s reluctance to send migrants to Florida is that other states such as Texas and Arizona have been proactive in rerouting these buses full of migrants to New York City and Washington, DC.

According to Desantis, “Texas is taking people. Biden has not sent anyone to us since we got that. He does send children all across the country in the middle of the night and dumps them all over the United States, which I think is very reckless.”

However, DeSantis said his state of Florida had not witnessed the arrival of buses at night, dumping illegal aliens in the state.

“We have not had buses coming in, we have had people trickle in,” he said, attributing the lack of buses being shuffled in the dead of night partly to Texas taking action. “I think because of what Texas has done, that has actually taken a lot of pressure off us.”

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Desantis explained that he believes New York and Washington DC have been the target bus depots because he thinks this might be the catalyst to illicit policy change in Washington and force them to do something proactive with the mounting border crisis. “Reason they are doing New York and reason I was suggesting DC and Delaware and stuff is that it will potentially cause a change of policy,” he said. And he isn’t wrong. Leftists are begging for help as President Biden’s Pentagon rejects requests to send the National Guard to places like DC to alleviate the pressure.

Texas has been instrumental in a big way in placing the migrant disaster back into the hands of self-proclaimed sanctuary states and cities, which is forcing the liberal elites to deal with the crisis now being placed right in their backyards. The sad thing is that they still cannot hear the forest for the trees.

“This is horrific, when you think about what the governor is doing,” said New York City Mayor Eric Adams. “New York is a city of immigrants, and we will always welcome newcomers with open arms. Over the past two months, we have seen a significant increase in the number of asylum seekers arriving in our city’s shelter system,” said progressive Mayor Adams.

But as much as the mayor claims the city will welcome newcomers “with open arms,” he has threatened retaliation against Texas. “Mayor Adams likes to pat himself on the back for welcoming migrants with open arms to his sanctuary city. That is until he actually has to follow through on those lofty promises,” Governor Abbott wrote in an op-ed column for the New York Post.

“And I am deeply contemplating taking a busload of new Yorkers to go to Texas and do some good old-fashioned door knocking because we have to for the good of America,” Adams said. “We have to get him out of office.” No, mayor Adams. Progressive mayors and lawmakers need to change their sanctuary policies, which is the whole point of what is happening in the first place.


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