No One Knows What the Hell Biden Just Blurted Out in This Viral Clip

It’s become the “laurel or yanny” controversy of 2021. Joe Biden has spoken a lot of nonsense in his short time as president, but never before has he made Americans unsure if he’s even speaking English anymore.

In a video clip that was posted online on Sunday, Joe Biden was spotted speaking what seems to be absolute gibberish as he passed by a reporter. Let’s see if you can make out what he’s saying. Give it a listen:

The clip is stirring up controversy as Americans try to take a stab at whatever it is that Biden appears to be saying.

“Laurel or Yanny?” Kate Hyde asks.

“My butt’s been wet”? Adam asked.

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“My butt’s been wiped?” Michelle responded.

“I touched my wife?” JVarContinental added.

Others, like Jewish Deplorable, simply gave up.

“Help me out here. WTF did Biden just say???” he asked.

No one knows. Weigh in with what you think Biden said below.

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