NOPE: Georgia Gov. Kemp BANS mask mandates throughout the state

As governors around the country reimpose restrictions on businesses and restaurants and individuals due to ‘spikes’ in ‘coronavirus’ cases, one Republican governor isn’t going along with the crowd.

Mandatory mask-wearing has suddenly become the new Marxist social compliance experiment, as governors around the country, as well as retailers and other businesses, require them to be worn by everyone while in public.

But Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is not playing along.

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On Wednesday, he signed an order banning cities and counties from issuing mandatory mask mandates, The Epoch Times reports:

In a new executive order, the Republican said that any law, order, rule, or regulation requiring people to wear face coverings of masks in public “are suspended.”

Georgia residents are “strongly encouraged,” but not required, to wear face coverings while outside their homes, the order states.

A number of counties and cities in the state had required people to wear masks.

Candice Broce, a spokeswoman for Kemp, highlighted the part of the new order that states no local laws can be more or less restrictive than state mandates.

“We have explained that local mask mandates are unenforceable. The Governor continues to strongly encourage Georgians to wear masks in public,” she said in a statement.

That said, the new order “extends the gatherings ban of more than 50 people, renews business restrictions, protects the medically fragile, and strongly encourages Georgians to wear masks in public.”

Needless to say, Kemp’s ban was opposed by lockdown Democrats who, by the way, have gone from a party that bucked “The Establishment” (government) in the 1960s to becoming ‘The Establishment’ today.

“It is officially official. Governor Kemp does not give a damn about us,” complained Savannah Mayor Van Johnson, a Democrat who had issued an order mandating mask-wearing in public.

“Every man and woman for himself/herself. Ignore the science and survive the best you can,” Johnson added.

Yes, well, never mind that people are generally smart enough to make their own choices and decisions about their safety, mayor.

But aside from that, let’s talk about ‘the science’ of mask-wearing.

Researchers and healthcare experts – ‘scientists’ – have been saying for months that the vast majority of masks are not effective against stopping coronavirus spread.

There is only one type – the N95 – that fully, effectively halts the passage of coronavirus molecules, either into or out of a person. 

Back in March during an interview with “60 Minutes,” the country’s top immunologist, in a moment of truth, discussed why wearing masks are not effective during this pandemic.

“When you’re in the middle of an outbreak might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet,” he explained. “But it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is.

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“And often, there are unintended consequences,” the immunologist continued. “People keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face. … But when you think masks, you should think of healthcare providers needing them and people who are ill,” Fauci noted further.

Other healthcare experts have warned about the “fiddling” and improper wearing of masks. They just aren’t the end-all, be-all to stopping coronavirus.

But hey, Democrats are using them as crutches to bash Republican leaders because they would rather exploit coronavirus for political gain than be honest with their constituents.