NOT CORRUPT AT ALL: Hunter Biden Sells 5 Pieces of “Art” For $75,000 Each

Crack addict, corrupt businessman and son of President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, reportedly sold five pieces of art for $75,000 each on October 1 as his Los Angeles exhibit.

“The Georges Berges Gallery sold the prints before the Oct. 1 opening of a ‘pop-up’ presentation in Los Angeles, a source familiar with the matter said Thursday,” the New York Post reported. “It’s unclear who purchased the reproductions — which cost a fraction of the top price of $500,000 for an original piece by President Biden’s scandal-scarred son — or if any more were sold after the LA show opened.”

Biden, who has fake teeth due to all the crack he has consumed, failed to wear a mask at the exhibit, breaking Los Angeles’ indoor mask mandate.

Here are some of his paintings:

One source said that most of those “allowed to buy works are long-term, private collectors with the gallery, people that Berges knows personally.”

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Check out what Breitbart reported:

But reported photos indicate Biden mingled with nearly 200 people, which includes Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, artist Shepard Fairey (maker of the Barack Obama “Hope” poster), musician and animal rights activist Moby, Sugar Ray Leonard, British performance artist Millie Brown, and Gary Baseman.

President George W. Bush’s chief ethics lawyer Richard Painter told the Post the attendees “just illustrates how this veil-of-secrecy idea is not happening.”

“It shows the deal’s not going to be secret,” Painter said. “I think the White House needs to go to Plan B.”

Asked who may be the buyer of Hunter’s work, Painter said they only tend to be wealthy, elitists. “They tend to be rich people, and rich people come to their houses and it tends to get around,” he said.

“Everyone’s going to be talking about it and everyone’s going to know,” he said about purchasing Hunter’s art. “Buyers buy artwork to hang on the wall, not put in a closet.”

“The only way to address these issues is with greater transparency — not less,” said author Peter Schweizer who is an expert when it comes to uncovering corruption within America’s most elite familes. “Their proposed solution is greater secrecy, not transparency. And they are essentially saying, ‘Trust Us.’ Joe and Hunter Biden’s track record on such matters gives us no reason to trust them.”

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