PHONY: Dems Re-Embrace U.S. Flag After Biden Declared ‘Winner’ By The Media

The hypocrisy of the Democratic Party and its left-wing voters never ceases to amaze and stun, largely because they continue to take their hubris to new heights.

For the past four years, Democrat voters have shunned the U.S. flag as a shameless symbol of hate, bigotry, racism, and everything else bad for the sole reason that President Donald Trump and his legions of supporters embraced it (and, for the record, continue to do so).

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But now that it appears as though Joe Biden may have stolen his way into the White House, suddenly the American flag isn’t so offensive to Democrats.

Politico has more under this headline, “‘Time For My Flag to Go Up’: How Anti-Trumpers Are Reclaiming the American Flag’”:

Across the country, in their cautious euphoria after the election, foes of Trump have been embracing the flag in similar ways: unfurling it in front of their homes, waving it in the streets, or simply looking at it differently. The day Biden gave his victory speech, Nancy La Vigne, executive director of the Council on Criminal Justice’s Task Force on Policing, took out the flag she always flies on holidays and hung it outside her home in liberal Bethesda, Maryland. La Vigne meant the act as “an expression of pride in how the system of democracy actually works.” But as the hours went by and she noticed more and more flags around her neighborhood, she realized she was seeing something broader: A spontaneous reclaiming of a symbol that, in the Trump years, had come to represent only one side.

The politicization of the stars and stripes predates Trump, by far. In the Vietnam era, military associations made the flag a fraught symbol. In the Reagan years, left-wing flag-burning protesters sparked Republican efforts to amend the Constitution, carving out the flag as an exception to free speech. But Trump, with his talent for political theater and his penchant for stoking deep partisan rifts, has managed to take the divide further than ever. His supporters brandished the flag alongside Trump slogans on car bumpers and in Twitter and TikTok handles. 

Got that? In the era of President Trump, flying the flag was somehow unpatriotic and ‘divisive;’ now that Biden may have won, flying the flag is patriotic again and, by default, ‘unifying.’

Politico’s Joanna Weiss noted further: “To people who grew up steeped in old-school displays of patriotism, this divisiveness over the flag has been cause for dismay.”

“It’s been branded as a sign of the Trump supporters,” Tom LaRussa, 67, a retiree in Somers, Connecticut, told her. “And it’s taken away from what I grew up with, like the Pledge of Allegiance, the flag code, all that stuff. They raised the flag on Iwo Jima and it meant freedom.”

Literally, left-wing Democrats have been responsible for burning flags; desecrating the flag; removing the flag code from schools; opposing flag displays and respecting the National Anthem; and attacking (and dismissing) the Pledge of Allegiance.

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But now that their party cheated to win an election, suddenly that’s ‘American-style democracy’ and cause to celebrate our flag again.


Meanwhile, supporters of President Trump, who always celebrated and revered our flag, will continue to do so, even if they no longer trust the institutions (like fair elections) the flag represents.