NPR Offers Prizes to Rat Out Non Masking Employees, Because SCIENCE!

So, over two years in, and this is where some of us still are?

When I say SOME of us, I’m referring specifically to the clones at NPR.

Apparently, despite ALL the overwhelming evidence that masks DON’T, in fact, work to stop the spread of Covid 19, the delicate, science-loving folks down at NPR still insist their employees mask up! It makes perfect sense. YEA SCIENCE!

To add insult, and goodie bags to injury, NPR, a publicly tax-funded organization, recently offered a way for prison snitch employees to get treats like good rats!

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

NPR enforces a strict mask mandate at its office and maintains an anonymous tip line for employees to snitch on colleagues who break the rules. Failure to comply with the mask policy could lead to “disciplinary action, up to and including in termination,” the taxpayer-funded media network reminded staff in a memo obtained by Dylan Byers, a longtime friend of the Washington Free Beacon.

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Snitches used to get stitches. Now I suppose they get taxpayer-funded goodie bags for dropping dimes on employees fed up with wearing proven-useless masks.

Of course, considering NPR has its headquarters in Washington D.C., it should be no surprise that a lack of critical thinking, common sense and an unwillingness to follow data are on full display. After all, the White House and that band of merry idiots are there.

The Beacon continued:

Employees at NPR’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., built in 2013 for a total cost of $200 million, were advised as to how to peacefully confront a delinquent colleague in the workplace. “If you notice someone has forgotten their mask, you might tell them, ‘Hey, you forgot your mask.’ It’s actually helping the person to be reminded,” the memo reads. “Nobody is intentionally trying to evade the rule. And if you are reminded to wear your mask, say, ‘Thank you!'”

Now I don’t work at NPR, mind you. My workplace thankfully dispensed with the virtue signaling chin diapers a while back. Still, I can assure you, had someone at any time attempted to “peacefully” confront me (I have been known to eschew the rules occasionally), they would have gotten some “peaceful” words in return, suggesting new and creative places to store their masks when they aren’t being worn!

Other options for ratting out maskless coworkers include telling human resources supervisors who will confront the offender themselves or sharing “an anonymous concern via the EthicsPoint system,” a not-at-all-totalitarian-sounding name for a workplace snitching platform.

Cool! So go tell on your coworkers to HR, and then lament how no one wants to hang out with you after work. Since you know, you are so much fun.

As I used to say in elementary school (probably), ‘I sit on my tattletale.

I certainly hope whatever is in these tote bags is worth ignoring science, being a dirtbag snitch, and generally awful person, working for an appalling platform.

Though, in fairness, I’ve never listened to NPR. There is no good music, lefty propaganda in hushed tones, and anti-science virtue signaling. So I’ll stick to SiriusXm. Thanks anyway.

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