NY Gov. Cuomo complains looters getting out of jail but it's because of the bail reform bill he signed

We understand that not all residents of New York are Left-wing lunatics, but there are obviously too many who are because they keep electing morons like Andrew Cuomo.

Incredibly, the Democrat ‘leader’ is lamenting the fact that too many rioters and looters who are destroying businesses and livelihoods along with taxpayer-supplied assets like police cars and public buildings ‘in the name of George Floyd’ are getting out of jail far too quickly.


But what’s truly head shaking is that they’re getting out of jail quickly because of legislation he signed.

The Daily Caller reports:

Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing for looters to be charged with bail-eligible crimes — after his sweeping bail reforms made that all but impossible.

New York’s bail reforms, which took effect January 1 of this year, removed the option of cash bail for a number of misdemeanors and non-violent felonies — which included stealing from stores or looting, which is classified as “burglary in the third degree.”

As reported by News NY1, Cuomo now wants prosecutors to charge looters with second-degree burglary, which does require bail.

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“You look at these videos, it would be nonsensical if the police were arresting looters and they were then being arrested and returned to the street the next day to loot again,” said Cuomo. "That would be nonsensical, right?”

Yes, it would be – which is why Cuomo should never have signed ‘bail reform’ legislation in April to begin with. That was nonsensical.

Now, cops say there isn’t anything they can do about it: Thanks to Gov. Goofball and his Democrat stooges, releasing looters is the law of the land in the Empire State.

“Look at what they did and charge appropriately, that's what I'm saying,” Cuomo added, according to News NY1. "Don’t feel, well, there's a political environment where I don't want to charge because it's not political to hold people account for crimes. The law is the law.

“Bail can be set if a person is, A: carrying a dangerous instrument, which includes a rock,” said Melissa DeRosa, Secretary to the Governor. “B: uses a rock, brick, or the like to break the window to gain entry; or C: another participant acting with the defendant, that did A or B. That is burglary two under penal law 140.25.”

Well, the official who would have to actually prosecute the cases – Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance – disagrees. 

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“To date, the overwhelming majority of looting cases in Manhattan cannot be charged as burglary in the second degree,” a spokesperson for Vance told the local news outlet. "The facts of those cases don’t support such a charge.”

Other DAs note that it’s difficult if not impossible to prove that “a person caught in the act of looting has any ties to the person who first broke into the store,” the news outlet reported.

In a separate statement, the district attorney’s office for Orange County said that Gov. Goofball is demanding that they “overcharge” people with crimes, which is a massive ethics violation. 

What was it that Cuomo was saying just a few months ago about bail reform? Oh yes, that it was “necessary.”

This is what happens when virtual-signaling Leftism gets substituted for tried-and-true methods of law enforcement: Business owners lose, the public loses, and the governor gets away with it because he rules over a state that refuses to hold him accountable for his stupidity.