NY Times Eats Crow; Forced To Admit Democrats Suffered ‘Crushing Losses’ In 2020 Election

Despite gloating for weeks over a “Biden victory”, the NY Times was finally forced to look at themselves in the mirror and admit a glaring truth about the 2020 election.

Democrats didn’t do as well as everyone in the media thinks.

In fact, The NY Times admitted that the radical Democrat party suffered ‘Crushing Down-Ballot Losses Across America’.

How much do you think it pained them to publish this headline?

Here’s a few snippets from their new post-election analysis:

That dawning truth is evident in the narrower majority that House Democrats will hold in Congress next year, and especially in the blood bath that the party suffered in legislative races in key states around the country, despite directing hundreds of millions of dollars and deploying top party figures like former President Barack Obama to obscure down-ballot elections.

This year, Democrats targeted a dozen state legislative chambers where Republicans held tenuous majorities, including in Pennsylvania, Texas, Arizona, North Carolina and Minnesota. Their goal was to check the power of Republicans to redraw congressional and legislative districts in 2021, and to curb the rightward drift of policies from abortion to gun safety to voting rights.

But in all cases, Democrats came up short. None of their targeted legislative chambers flipped, even though Mr. Biden carried many of the districts that down-ballot Democrats did not. It could make it harder for Democrats to retain a House majority in 2022.

“One of the big questions is whether a Trumpist 2024 candidate can be a little bit milder so as to not alienate the suburbs, yet still inspire the low-propensity Republicans to vote at 2020 levels,” said J.J. Balaban, a Democratic strategist in Pennsylvania. “If they can pull that off, it’s going to be a very hard environment for Democrats.

The Times also discussed the feud between moderate Democrats and far-left progressives like socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

In the aftermath, moderate Democrats are feuding with progressives over whether policies that excite the party’s base, such as higher taxes to pay for social programs, policing overhauls and a rapid move away from fossil fuels, are a losing message with swing voters. Progressives have responded that moderate candidates aren’t offering voters an affirmative program to improve their lives.

Ms. Skopov echoed a Virginia congresswoman, Abigail Spanberger, who heatedly told House Democrats on a private call after the election that the party must banish the words “socialism” and “defund the police,” after Republicans defeated moderate Democrats tagged with those positions, often inaccurately, in swing House districts across the country.

On Twitter, Ms. Skopov wrote that she had been “a casualty/collateral damage of this offensively poor messaging.”

Interestingly enough, it doesn’t appear that Democrats are going to put an end to their divisive rhetoric anytime soon.

AOC and other progressive Democrats have openly called for “creating lists” of Trump supporters so they can be “held accountable” in the coming years.

Top liberal commentator Keith Olberman had the idea of converting Trump hotels into “prisons” to house Trump supporters.

And, if they keep this violent rhetoric up, you can guarantee the GOP will make even more advances in the coming years.

Stay tuned.