NY Times Opinion Writer Says Biden Should “Lynch Mike Pence” To Unify The Country

Leftists are coming out of the closet all over the country. They’re taking off the veil. They’re outing themselves and letting us know just exactly who and what they are.

Totalitarians. Tyrants. Authoritarians. And very sick.

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Former President Donald Trump was labeled by as tyrannical by many of these same people for four years. Yet, he was such a dictator he couldn’t even keep from being censored by social media magnates before being deplatformed by them altogether. And by the way, he never took away a single constitutional right during his tenure.

But these newly emboldened leftists certainly want to take those rights away from his supporters. In fact, some of these whack jobs want to take our lives, as well, including one screwball who writes at The New York Times.

He’s given President Joe Biden some advice on how he can deliver on his alleged desire to ‘unify’ the country.

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“If Biden really wanted unity, he’d lynch Mike Pence,” Will Wilkinson wrote Wednesday evening, the day Biden took office.

Nice, huh? Remember when leftists like this schmuck thought the word “lynch” had very negative racial connotations, and that it should never be used because it conjures up images in the Old (Democratic) South when whites would wantonly kill blacks without real trials or any real opportunity to defend themselves against often trumped-up charges?

Because that’s the way leftists viewed that word right up to the time when one of them used it as a means of entertaining his fantasy of killing his political opponents.

Let’s be crystal clear, here: The left doesn’t want to ‘unify’ with conservatives and especially supporters of our former president. They want to silence us; they want to punish us; they want to put us in camps; they want to ‘deprogram’ us; and they want to hang us from a tree in the town square.

Even former vice presidents.

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By using language like this, they are blatantly attempting to dehumanize Trump’s supporters so they can justify any act of violence and death against us.

These people are out of their minds with hate (and hypocrisy – recall we are the ones who are supposed to be the big haters). They will act out their fantasies against us if given half a chance.

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