NYC Prisons are Facing a Massive Staffing Shortage Thanks to the Jab Mandate

It’s not just the NYPD, sanitation service, and fire departments that are suffering under the weight of vaccine mandates and struggling to find enough men to operate effectively. According to a worrisome report, New York prisons are also struggling with a vaccine-mandate induced staffing shortage. As Fox News reported:

New York City Department of Correction workers who did not receive at least one COVID vaccine dose by 5 p.m. on Tuesday are at risk of being put on leave without pay. As of Monday night, that was 23% of city jail staff.

That 23% number is far higher than the other emergency services and sanitation service, all of which were heavily negatively impacted by a vaccine-mandate-induced manpower shortage.

And, right now, things aren’t looking good for New York City’s prisons. According to ZeroHedge, a massive number of prison employees applying for exemptions to the mandate means that those remaining are forced to work longer hours and prisons might be getting even more dangerous. Here’s what ZeroHedge reported:

Those who don’t comply are supposed to be placed on unpaid leave and asked to surrender any badges or city-issued firearms (or other equipment).

What is the mayor doing about this? Well, in anticipation of the looming mandate, Mayor de Blasio on Monday issued an emergency executive order designed to beef up jail staffing by authorizing a transition to 12 hour from 8 hour shifts. Faced with a revolt over vaccine mandates, the mayor is asking remaining workers to take on more hours in a poorly paid, highly dangerous job.

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The workers and their union representatives are unsurprisingly pushing back: The president of the union for jail guards balked at de Blasio’s decision to move to 12-hour shifts, calling it “reckless and misguided.”

Reckless and misguided indeed. Back in August, before the mandates kicked into high gear. Outlets including the New York Post reported that New York’s overcrowded, dangerous prisons were already getting more lawless, with out-of-control inmates stabbing one another, destroying maintenance equipment, and running free in the halls.

That anarchic environment was caused when 3,000 out of the Department of Correction’s 8,000 employees called in sick as a form of protest. If a similar number are forced out or placed on leave due to the vaccine mandate (right now about 2,000 haven’t gotten the jab), the same environment could be brought about, this time with little hope of a resolution.

And the claims of DOC personnel that they’ll quit rather than take the vaccine probably aren’t idle. As Newsweek reported, about 21,000 other city employees are either waiting for decisions on their exemption request or were placed on leave when earlier mandates went into effect:

After the November 1 deadline passed, around 9,000 city workers were placed on unpaid leave after failing to get immunized. An additional 12,000 unvaccinated workers were continuing to get paid after the deadline because officials were assessing their claims for medical or religious exemptions.

So, though the mandate is just going into effect, we might have to wait and see what happens and how many end up on leave. But, based on the past, it’s apparent that if the 23% of jail staff do quit or are placed on leave, the city’s jails will once again become anarchic environments and might get even more dangerous when the remaining personnel are forced to work 12 hour shifts indefinitely.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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