NYPD Takes Hands-Off Approach as 11-Year-Old Gets Beatdown, As Cops Say They’re ‘Afraid’ To Do Their Jobs

So-called NYPD ‘reforms’ pushed and passed by Marxist Democrats running New York City are having a predictable effect: Cops are petrified of doing their jobs because they know if they get in a jam, the Leftist ‘justice system’ will throw them to the Black Lives Matter mobs.

The New York Post reports that scores of NYPD officers sat idly by while an 11-year-old girl got beat down by five other girls following a basketball game in Harlem.

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The paper notes:

During the roughly 4-minute beatdown, cops sat idly in nearby cruisers — but they didn’t get out until the girl was bloody and bruised, a Post photographer observed.

At least 20 police cars were nearby on the street — with at least one a little more than a car-length away, photos show.

Police sources told The Post the young girl was treated at Mount Sinai Hospital after being cut, bruised and shocked in the stomach with the stun gun. The girl told cops she didn’t know her attackers but knew two of their handles on social media, sources said.

The NYPD said that the Post photog was wrong. A department spokesperson said ample numbers of police officers were attempting to make their way to the brawl but were repulsed by a larger crowd that was hurling objects.

The department even released a video purporting to support the claim. But as the Post noted, the video was sans context; it’s not clear when or where it was taken. It also doesn’t show the fight, which, again, lasted for several minutes.

In other words, this could just be that cops weren’t aren’t about to stick their necks out just to have their heads cut off by lunatic Leftists in City Hall and the DA’s office if they happen to bust some violent perp’s skull making an arrest.

And who could blame them? In the post-George Floyd world, the Leftist Democrats who have run cities for decades are using the incident as an opportunity to sow chaos – because, without chaos, you can’t usher in Marxist ‘revolution.’

The decision to allow the girl to suffer a beatdown also comes as the NYPD is suing the city over a “diaphragm clause” regarding the recent decision to ban chokeholds, which cops say is an invaluable physical restraint when it comes to dealing with ultra-violent suspects.

In a separate report, the NY Post notes: 

The “diaphragm clause” of the law — which allows for DAs to bring a misdemeanor charge if an officer uses any move during an arrest that could limit breathing — “stands to criminalize the lawful use of force, (and) threatens both police and public safety,” the lawsuit reads.

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With Marxist DAs dropping felony assault charges against suspects accused of injuring NYPD officers, why would cops bother to involve themselves at all with a physical altercation that could result in a charge against them?

The NYPD has publicly denied that officers are engaged in a slowdown. But recently leaked video shows an outraged Chief Terrence Monahan telling ranking commanders that cops can’t be afraid to do their jobs.

Yes, well, easier said than done, Chief.