NYT Blames Trump For Coronavirus, Calls it the "Trumpvirus"

On Thursday, The New York Times had the brilliant idea to blame the Chinese Coronavirus on President Donald Trump by calling it the "Trumpvirus."

The opinion piece was written by Gail Collins was titled, "Let's Call It Trumpvirus," and stated that “if you’re feeling awful, you know who to blame.”


The article was immediately met with backlash online.

“The New York Times is blaming coronavirus on Trump now ... when they should be blaming themselves for the outbreak of Trump Derangement Syndrome,” tweeted Tim Young.

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Editor for Fourth Watch Steve Krakauer said, “Our media is broken - perhaps irreparably so.”

In the opinion piece, Collin specifically took shots at Vice President Mike Pence who has been assigned to lead the response.

“Well, it probably could have been worse. Having a czar does make you feel there’s somebody in charge. At least Trump didn’t come before the cameras and announce solemnly, ‘Today I’m asking every American to cross your fingers,’” Collins wrote.

“Our president had to be going crazy over a problem that involves both declining stock prices and germs. This is the guy, after all, who thinks shaking hands is ‘barbaric,’ who is followed around by aides bearing sanitizer,” Collins added.


Collins then went on to hammer President Trump by telling the American people that President Trump won't handle the situation as well as former President Barack Obama would have.

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“Barack Obama used to have special epidemic-watching groups just in case this kind of crisis developed,” Collins said.

“Chances are, if the president is encouraged to mix the subjects of coronavirus and Mexico walls, he’ll suddenly announce that we need a barrier much bigger and thicker and more expensive, so it can stop the flow of immigrant germs,” Collins finished.

Other Twitter users made sure to comment on the article. Check some of them out below:

"As long as we're giving viruses catchy nicknames (Trumpvirus! according to NYT columnist Gail Collins), how about a more accurate name: communismvirus, since authoritarian Chinese communism is responsible for this originally localized outbreak becoming a global pandemic?" conservative Ben Shapiro tweeted.

"Total garbage. In reality, coronavirus makes the case that nations with socialized medicine aren't up to the task. China's incredibly inadequate government-run healthcare system is a big reason we're dealing with this issue in the first place," said Drew White.

Check out what Fox News reported:

The column was published one day after the Trump campaign filed a libel lawsuit against what it called the "extremely biased" New York Times, saying the paper's March 27, 2019 op-ed titled “The Real Trump-Russia Quid Pro Quo" amounted to a knowingly false smear intended to "improperly influence the presidential election in November 2020."

"They did a bad thing," Trump said at a coronavirus press conference later Wednesday, before apparently promising more litigation. "There will be more coming. There will be more coming.”

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