Obama Blames Climate Change For Australia Fires Even Though Hundreds Of Arson Arrests Have Been Made

There is a terrible fire sweeping through the entire country of Australia and left-wing politicians are blaming 'climate change'.

They blame climate change despite the fact that legal action has already been taken against hundreds of arsons who are responsible for these fires.


The latest to join the blame game? Barack Hussein Obama.

Here's what he tweeted just moments ago:

"The catastrophic fires in Australia are the latest example of the very real and very urgent consequences of climate change. It’s on us to stay focused and protect the one planet we’ve got for the next generation," he tweeted.

As always, the facts are not on Obama's side.

Here's what the Sydney Morning Herald reported earlier this week:

NSW Police have taken legal action against 183 people so far this bushfire season, including charging 24 people with deliberately lighting bushfires.

Legal action ranges from cautioning to laying criminal charges, police said on Monday.

Bushfires have killed 18 people - including three Rural Fire Service volunteers -  and millions of animals, destroyed over 1400 homes and burnt through over 4.9 million hectares of land since October.

Moments after he tweeted out his usual propaganda, many users on Twitter called him out in epic fashion:

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