Obama Shocks The Left By Trashing 'Woke' Culture

On Tuesday during an event in Chicago, former president Barack Obama shockingly told a young crowd that they need to “quickly” get over being "woke" as well as moving on from cancel culture along with the left-wing outrage mobs.

“This idea of purity and you’re never compromised and you’re politically woke and all that stuff — you should get over that quickly,” Obama said at the Obama Foundation Summit.


“The world is messy. There are ambiguities. People who do really good stuff have flaws,” Obama added. “People who you are fighting may love their kids and you know share certain things with you.”

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“One danger I see among young people particularly on college campuses — Malia and I talk about this — I do get a sense sometimes now among certain young people, and this is accelerated by social media, there is this sense sometimes of the way of me making change is to be as judgmental as possible about other people and that’s enough,” Obama continued. “Like if I tweet or hashtag about how you didn’t do something right, or use the wrong verb then I can sit back and feel pretty good about myself, ‘Cuz man, did you see how woke I was? I called you out! Let me get on TV, watch my show, watch Grown-ish.'”

“That’s not activism. That’s not bringing about change,” Obama finished. “If all you’re doing is casting stones, you’re probably not going to get that far. That’s easy to do.”


Check out what the Daily Wire reporter:

Obama’s comments come amid a growing pushback against “cancel culture” from some high-profile figures, including comedians Dave Chappelle and Bill Burr
“This is the worst time ever to be a celebrity,” Chappelle says in reference to cancel culture in his new Netflix comedy special. “You’re gonna be finished. Everyone’s doomed.”
Chappelle also laments the treatment of fellow comedian Kevin Hart, who was forced to step down as host of the Oscars after old comments deemed “homophobic” resurfaced. It’s “celebrity hunting season,” said Chappelle. Hart was “damn near perfect,” or, at least “four tweets shy of being perfect,” said Chappelle.

The Daily Wire’s Amanda Prestigiacomo wrote: “The critics’ reviews of comedian Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix standup special ‘Sticks & Stones’ are rolling into review site Rotten Tomatoes, and they’re exactly what you’d expect in the Year of the Wokescolds. But while the critics gnash their teeth over Chappelle’s unapologetic and purposefully offensive hour special, the general audience cheers. As of Wednesday morning, ‘Sticks & Stones’ showed a 38% score from critics, with a near-perfect 99% audience score.”

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