Of course! LA Mayor Eric Garcetti blames 'institutional racism,' not his policies, for homelessness

There is nothing more telling about a Democrat politician than their ability to sidestep responsibility for their policy mistakes and blame others for bad outcomes.

Or, in the case of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, a straw man.


On Saturday, Garcetti blamed “institutional racism” for his city’s rising homeless population, as California remains the only state where homelessness is actually rising. 

During a press conference in which he touted his administration’s alleged progress in reducing the number of people living under L.A.’s freeways and on the city’s sidewalks, Garcetti claimed without evidence, “Institutional racism is a leading cause of homelessness in Los Angeles. In Los Angeles County, where 8 to 9 percent of the population is African American, a third of all people experiencing homelessness are black.”

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Breitbart News added:

Describing the problem as “homelessness against black Angelenos,” Garcetti traced the problem back many generations, to discrimination against black veterans in the post-World War II era, to residential covenants that prevented black people from buying property, and to redlining by banks (all practices which have been illegal for decades).

In December, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development revealed that California is “entirely” responsible for a 2.7% nationwide rise in homelessness, which rose a staggering 16.4% in the Golden State.

In fact, homelessness in L.A. County has been on the rise in recent years, and dramatically so, growing to roughly 60,000 people last year. The numbers of street dwellers got so high many began voicing concerns about a potential outbreak of bubonic plague – “the Black Death” –which hasn’t been a problem for centuries. 

And the problem is getting worse. According to the most recent data released on Friday, the homeless population in Los Angeles County grew 13 percent to 66,000; the number grew 14 percent in the city itself.

As to “systemic racism,” Garcetti described it as “racism that is built into systems,” conflating unequal outcomes with intentional or “systemic” discrimination.

His growing homeless problem, though, wouldn’t have anything at all to do with the fact that his and previous administrations – all Democrats – decriminalized living on streets, sidewalks, and under bridges, would it?

Of course not. It’s racism, don’t you know.

This is stereotypical Marxist deflection. Garcetti knows that Democrat administrations including and prior to his are directly responsible for the worsening homelessness. The word has gone out: If you need a place to stay, the City of Angels will accommodate you and if the people resist or complain, we’ll call them a name and blame it all on skin color.

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But apparently, he’s got plenty of willing accomplices in the city, because voters there continue to elect Democrats like him to office, even as many wonder why problems like filth and homelessness never go away, must less improve.

It’s because Democrats don’t want them to improve. That should be obvious by now. 

Chaos breeds acceptance of even the dumbest policies, and hey, if you can blame a straw man or some other imaginary construct for your failures and get away with it, why not?


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