Here’s Why Operation Legend Is So Important

The idea of “federal agents” being deployed to major cities across the country has been heavily demonized by democratic mayors and governors. “Operation LeGend”, named after LeGend Taliferro, the 4-year-old boy who was found dead in his own bed after being struck by a stray bullet, is being put into action.

With the idea of “defunding the police” gaining popularity in more progressive cities, violent crimes and especially gun-violence has spiked across the nation. New York City has seen a nearly 200% increase in shootings and Chicago is reporting double-digit homicides nearly every weekend.  

To add to that, Black Lives Matter “demonstrations” and riots are getting further out of control in the Pacific Northwest. Many city officials have made it a priority to defend the interests of violent protesters. With that, there is a growing need for law-enforcement to ensure the safety of the general public.

White House officials including both President Trump and the DOJ’s Bill Barr explained that the concept of federal agents assisting local Police Departments isn’t anything new. 

In Barr’s words, from the White House Briefing

Our goal is to help save lives.  The principal danger to the lives of our inner-city communities is violent crime.  The leading cause of death for young, black males is homicide.  Each year, approximately 7,500 black Americans are the victims of homicide.  Every one of those lives matter.

In 1992, violent crime was — nationwide — was double what it is today.  And it was at that time that federal law enforcement first turned its attention to this kind of violent crime.  Before that, the federal government really didn’t play that much of a role in it.  But we started to attack violent crime in conjunction with state and local government.  It was at that time, for example, that the FBI set up its gang — anti-gang task forces throughout the United States.  And we started using our strong federal laws that permit us to target those who use guns to kill others and those that are involved in gang activity.

Our approach was to set up anti-violent crime task forces in the cities to enforce federal law and take the shooters and the chronic, violent criminals off the streets.  We help pay for state and local officers to join these task forces so we could leverage our strength.  And this approach was extremely successful in the intervening decades in driving crime down.

Some democratic leaders paint the grandiose portrait of heavy artillery and M1A1 Abrams tanks rolling down Main Street. Operation Legend imposes nothing of the sort. The President has ordered between 100 and 200 Federal Law-Enforcement Officers into cities like Kansas City and Chicago. 

Over the weekend, the first three federal arrests were made in Chicago involving illegal gun-possessions, according to the Epoch Times. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been especially outspoken about opposing the President’s federal assistance – calling it “an invasion”. The Executive Branch has made the decision to protect American lives. 

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With a little bit of help from local governments and PD’s, violent crime in these cities should begin to fall. This is a step in the right direction for some of America’s most neglected urban areas.  

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