OPINION: 5 Burning Questions from the fallout of January 6th

Commentary by Jason Robertson 

Fellow Patriots, the events of January 6th were truly some of the wildest things that I have ever seen in my life.  As I process what happened that fateful day, I am left with several questions that just boggle my mind and I would be curious your thoughts on them….

Before I get into the questions on the fallout of January 6th, I would like to start by saying that the occupation of the Capitol was wrong and should not have happened.  If at any point you are feeling that any portion of this article supports what happened, please refer back to this paragraph. With that said….

1. How was it that easy for protestors to take over the Federal Building?  This question really bothers me….we have the Congress going to certify one of the most hotly contested elections of our lifetime and a group of folks led by a reject from Viking Weekend at the Renaissance Festival were able to take over Congress?  That seems bizarre.

  2. 2. Does the left really think that this was an attempt to overthrow the government?  I know the media narrative is that this was an insurrection designed to topple government. Chuck and Nancy will leverage the crisis to their full advantage to reshape government….but given the lack of coordination and firepower brought to bear this seems unfounded.  I’m not sure what you would bring to topple the US government, but I would guess it would be more than a few pipe bombs, some zip ties and a few hand weapons.

3. One of the more interesting questions I have….does the left really not understand the level of firepower the average Donald Trump Supporter owns?  The Trump crowd believes very strongly in the Second Amendment and rightly believes that they need to protect themselves from government overreach.  Had this been a real event to overthrow the government, I am guessing any individual at the event could have brought enough firepower to equate to 10x more than was present in the Capitol.  I mean the 70-year-old retired plumber in the crowd could have probably provided that much from his back-up supply.  Oh wait, they are coming for our guns so let’s not ask that question.   Forget I said anything.

  2. 4. How on earth is the narrative switching to this was a “white nationalist” or “white supremacist” event?  I have watched way too much footage of all that has occurred.  I have watched speeches, read articles and there is ONE image of ONE attendee with a shirt with a message “Camp Auschwitz” and suddenly it is a white supremacist event?  Can we do that same thing for the BLM protests?
  4. 5. The last thing that has COMPLETELY blown me away has been the total wipeout in the digital world of Donald Trump.  It is like there is a big red cancel button that was hit in the past few days and he has been totally removed from the world.  Start with Twitter and Facebook banning him….then he gets booted from Instagram and YouTube.  It moves into other streaming platforms like Twitch,(shoot if you aren’t a gamer, you might not even know what that is).  He then gets his online store shut down by Shopify and even his email service gets shut down so he can’t email his supporters.  I think that if the President of the United States tried to order via DoorDash right now, it would not work.  For years we have brought up the concerns about big tech and their overreach, but I have to say their ability to quickly and completely shut down all forms of electronic communication for the President is truly terrifying.

Thanks for taking time to read my burning questions.  Here at Trending Politics, we love your feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts.  Now more than at any time it is vital that our fellow patriots stick together and support each other as the world is truly against us.

Stay safe out there!