OUCH! Cory Booker's OWN GIRLFRIEND Refuses To Endorse Him

Senator Cory Booker has had a rough time in the polls since he announced his run for president and his girlfriend Rosario Dawson isn't helping out too much.

While speaking at Variety's Toronto Film Festival, the actress made a shocking statement when she announced that she had no plans of endorsing her boyfriend.


“Regardless of Cory, I wasn’t going to be behind any particular candidate this election,” Dawson said. “I really just want to be behind the electorate.”

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She then talked about how the media fails to give her and Booker attention.

“He’s hoping to make the ‘Zombieland’ premiere, but I’m curious to see, if he doesn’t, if he’s going to get the same amount of press being like ‘why aren’t you supporting your women,” Dawson said. “I’ve been getting all this press like ‘Why aren’t you at your man’s side’ when I’ve made it really clear that it’s okay to be a working mom.”

Dawson who has been dating Booker since last March, also noted that the next election will be “critical” and said “We need all hands on decks.”

“This election is really really critical,” she said. “A lot of the themes that are touched on [in ‘Briarpatch’] are really, narratively critical for us to be talking about in a wider space so that people can come to the table and see where their position is and see where they can be active…We need all hands on decks.”

If Booker's own girlfriend has a hard time getting behind him, how will the American people possibly get behind him? Well just like his girlfriend, the American people aren't putting their vote behind the senator.

Booker is barely holding onto 2% of the Democratic vote but according to him, that's totally fine.

During an event in New Hampshire, Booker was met with a somewhat enthusiastic crowd. Shortly after, Booker was asked by a reporter why the enthusiasm wasn't reflected in the polls: “Thank God it's not reflected. And I mean that seriously because we have never had a candidate who is ahead in the polls this far out who's ever going to be president.”

The senator continued: “We know that the candidates that win from our party that energize the kind of movement elections we want to see are folks who were considered long shots at this point.

"Carter, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama were all behind. Barack Obama was behind among African-American voters at this point.”

Booker went on to explain that “we do not want to win the summer news cycle. We want to win the first in the nation primary right here in New Hampshire.”

While Booker plummets in the polls, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sander surge. According to a new poll conducted by CBS, Warren and Sanders are quickly closing the gap on former Vice President Joe Biden's presidential primary lead.

The poll reveals that Biden is barely ahead in Iowa, Sanders leads in Nevada and Warren is now ahead in New Hampshire. Unlike the past few months, Biden is no longer the clear leader.

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