OUCH: Dems Just Had Their Worst Week In 47 Years

A new report details how the Democratic Party just had their worst week in 47 years.

Breitbart's John Nolte published a column last week detailing 8 reasons why Democrats had their worst week in almost five decades. 


In short, Nolte argues that the eight things that happened last week spell doom for Democrats and will harm them big time in the 2020 presidential election.

For his first point, Nolte argues that the mainstream media is the only industry taking a hit in Trump's booming economy. 

Before 2019 is over, there will be upwards of 12,000 job cuts within the American media. That’s 12,000 fewer Democrat foot soldiers; 12,000 fewer propagandists, serial liars, cheerleaders, and toadies to hold Antifa’s jacket as they beat elderly Trump supporters to death with crowbars.
Every industry in Trump’s America is expanding and thriving … except for the media.
What’s more, the Democrats primary propaganda outlet, the far-left CNN, is hemorrhaging viewers like an Ebola victim hemorrhages solid foods.

Nolte's second point detailed how Democrats overplayed their hand with Trump's massive 4th of July "Salute to America" event in Washington, D.C.

Because Democrats and the media have to be assholes about absolutely everything America-related, rather than join President Trump in celebrating America on the Fourth, they — no joke — raged against the idea of celebrating the birth of our great nation in our nation’s capital. And then…
After assuring us no one would show up, it would get rained out, it would end in a military takeover, and Trump would make it all about himself — none of that happened.
The mall was packed with Americans who weathered a literal storm to celebrate the country they love, everything went off without a hitch — from the flyovers to the fireworks — and Trump gave one of the best speeches of his presidency, a speech that had nothing to do with Trump and everything to do with the greatness of our nation.

His third argument noted how Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's campaign has imploded after he began endorsing radical leftist policies such as Medicare of All, raising taxes, and decriminalizing border crossing.

Slow Joe will always be the stupid one, the gaffe machine on the verge of imploding, but he has now openly embraced gun confiscation, taxpayer-funded abortions, the banning of every gun currently being manufactured (except those stupid “smart guns”), raising everyone’s taxes, and putting an end to deportations of illegal immigrants. And now, we don’t really know where Creepy Joe stands on awarding health insurance to illegals and decriminalizing illegal immigration because he’s flip-flopping all over the place on those two.
The so-called “sane one” is an aging moron ready to take our guns, ban all the others, and force us to pay for an illegal alien’s abortion.

For his fourth point, Nolte said Democrats proved to America that they came out against the American flag. 

Democrats defended Nike after they pulled back the sale of special edition shoes that featured the Betsy Ross American flag because Colin Kaepernick was "offended" by them. 

Notle's fifth point was that Democratic presidential candidates proved how radical and extreme they are during the first round of debates.

Look at this list of left-wing lunacy. Look at this bottomless list of threats promises made by these candidates, promises that include gun confiscation, open borders, legalizing abortion until the fetus registers for college, government-funded health insurance for illegal aliens, slavery reparations, gay reparations, forced busing, no one has to pay back that $1.5  trillion in student loans taxpayers are on the hook for, eliminating everyone’s health insurance, abolishing the electoral college, and taxpayer-funded abortions for transsexual women who are really guys and will never need an abortion.

For his sixth and seventh points, Nolte detailed how the stock market exploded to new record highs last week and a new jobs report shattered expectations.

Nolte's final point was that Democratic presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are the front-runners, which he argues is fantastic news for Trump given they are practically socialists.

All in all, Nolte argues Democrats just had their worse week in 47 years -- and that they are making a Trump second-term in office look more likely every single day.