Our Interview With Brandon Straka: His Movement Is Causing Democrat Voters To 'Walk Away' In Droves

Brandon Straka wants to get millions of Democrats to flip their vote to TRUMP in 2020, but he needs our help to make it happen!

Last week, I sat down with Brandon, who is the founder of the powerful “Walk Away” campaign that is sweeping the nation and growing by the day.


Brandon’s organization is making a real difference in the country. They are bringing the damning truth about the Democrat party to millions of people and their roaring movement is not slowing down any time soon.

Donate To The WalkAway Campaign TODAY To Drive More Voters To President Trump

Because of their campaign, thousands of minorities are also opening their eyes and pledging to vote TRUMP!

I can’t stress how important this organization is to President Trump’s success in 2020. If the Democrats lose their monopoly on the minority vote, they may not win a General election for many years to come.

Brandon had his eyes opened in 2017 when a friend showed him video clips proving that the liberal media had openly lied, saying that Trump “mocked” a reporter with a disability. Once he discovered this lie, it opened his eyes to the many other manipulative tactics that the liberal media uses to try to influence the American people on a day to day basis.

His story his fascinating and I had a great time interviewing him, so let’s dive right into the highlights!

Brandon on why he used to be committed to the Democratic Party:

“There was a time for gay people like myself to find a political party where we felt supported or where we felt like we fit in but the world has changed so much at this point. This is not something that is so heavily contested anymore and it’s not something that is divided among party lines as much as it used to be. So at this point, it’s sort of illogical for any particular minority group to feel allegiance to any political party. That’s where they got me. I had bought into the narrative and the marketing that Republicans are ‘racists’ and ‘bigots’.

Donate To The WalkAway Campaign TODAY To Drive More Voters To President Trump

Brandon on what pushed him away from the Democrat party:

“As the years went by, I started to feel more pushed away within my own liberal community by the political correctness, the identity politics and all of these various things that were becoming so regimented and so illogical and kind of to the point of fascistic.”

Brandon on how vitriolic the Democrat party has become:

“I started to see this bashing of white people or men or this suggestion that there is something problematic about heteronormativity. And I thought, this is just sexism, racism and judging people based on sexual orientation, but sort of in the reverse.”

Brandon revealed the “final straw” for him. The moment he decided to be done with the left for good:

“The final straw for me was when Rachel Maddow went on TV and said ‘I’ve got his tax returns I’ve got his tax returns’. And then I tune in that night and she vamped for 45 minutes and just killed time and produced two pieces of paper showing that he did pay his taxes in 2005. At that point, the writing was clearly on the wall for me and I was starting to understand the manipulation.”

Donate To The WalkAway Campaign TODAY To Drive More Voters To President Trump

Brandon thinks the 2020 election will be even CRAZIER than 2016:

Brandon on losing friends over his decision to support Trump:

“In 2017, I lost 90% of my friends. I’ve always been a pretty outspoken person, so I was publicly asking a lot of questions and raising skepticism about the public portrayal of Trump. Because you have to understand, I didn’t want to be angry, I didn’t want to be afraid. It was ruining some of these peoples lives that Donald Trump got elected President and I was one of those people. It was honestly so distracting for me from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to sleep. It’s an obsession for a lot of people, dwelling on their hatred for this guy. I was very open to seeing a different way. I would have loved for someone to say look things are not so bad, they’re not so scary, much of this is a media fabrication. And that ended up basically being exactly what I discovered. So when I started speaking out about it, I was just trying to help people get over their feelings and feel better about the fact that Donald Trump was President. But many people did not want to feel better and they were angry at me for taking that stance.”

Brandon on the launch of the viral “Walk Away” video:

“By the time I got to 2018 I was ready to just say ‘to hell with it’. I’ve lost lifelong friendships that I had for 5, 10, 15 years over just simply telling the truth or asking questions and so by April of 2018 I sat down and I wrote the script for that video, then on May 26th of 2018 I put out that video detailing everything I was walking away from. The liberal media, the democrat ideology, identity politics and political correctness. On that day I launched the walk way campaign because I knew there must be hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people who are feeling exactly the same way I was feeling. And I encouraged those people to make their testimonials and tell their stories as well. 

What it was like meeting DONALD J. TRUMP…

“I was invited as a guest to a dinner there at Mara Lago and he was at the dinner as well. We ended up literally almost running into one other. I was with Libby Albert, executive director of WalkAway and she took a moment to stop him and explain who she was. And as soon as she mentioned ‘Walk Away’, his eyes lit up . Then he looked over and saw me and he connected the dots. It was really cool. We had a really great exchange. But the best part about it for me was that after we spoke, he then went around to several tables in the area and said “do you know who this guy is? He’s telling people to walk away from the Democratic Party. He’s amazing’… he was bragging on me to all these people.”

Here's the video of him meeting our wonderful President:

Donate To The WalkAway Campaign TODAY To Drive More Voters To President Trump

The perfect strategy for getting through to liberals 

“As a former liberal myself, I can say that the majority of liberals walk into an argument with the assumption that they are somehow morally superior and socially evolved, kind and compassionate. They believe that they care more about other people. They claim they care about these various minority groups and that conservatives do not. But I’ve found that there are many kind and compassionate arguments for conservative principles. Border security, the 2nd amendment. These are arguments that come from a place of compassion. So I try to tell people to do when they’e talking to liberals is to try to establish mutual core values. To try to explain to people that the reason I’m a conservative and the reason why I believe what I believe is because I DO care about people. I DO care about poor people, black people, gay people, etc. And these policies I believe in are the best policies for these minority groups. Fight for strong borders helps black communities and hispanic communities, and legal immigrants. Fighting for the right to bear arms helps women and minorities. They think that they have a monopoly on morality but they do not"


Walk Away is doing incredible work in getting minority voters to flip their party affiliation. Brandon said that he gets dozens and dozens of new minority voters to register republican at their events. Brandon says that might not sound “like a lot”, but many traditional voter registration campaigns are lucky to get a couple whenever they go out to get signups.

“We’ve been told by RNC insiders who do voter registrations that if you go out for several hours to do voter reg and you’re able to sign up 3,4 or 5 people that’s pretty good. We’re doing dozens. And I believe that if we had the proper funding and people got behind my organization the way that they should we could be doing dozens of events instead of and event here or there. That would give us the ability to go from dozens of signups to hundreds of thousands.”

Brandon says there are 3 ways you can help the Walk Away campaign grow

1. Go to WalkAwayCampaign.com to sign up as a volunteer.

2. Click the “Join the movement” button to join the Facebook community

3. Donate! They just launched their "Walk Away Campaign PAC"! This is how you can help support them with your dollars so they can continue to win more votes for President Tump.

Make sure to follow Brandon @BrandonStraka on all forms of social media!

You can donate to the WalkAway campaign here to help support them in their quest to get minorities to vote for Trump in greater numbers than ever before.

Make sure to follow them on social media here and give them a shoutout! Tell them TrendingPolitics sent you.


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