“OUR LIVES DEPEND ON IT”; Hollywood Celebrities Begin To Panic Over Gavin Newsom Recall

There appears to be a “silent majority” brewing in in the California recall election, and radical left-wing celebrities can feel it.

These celebrities love their abortions, their lockdowns and their mask mandates…and they are scared to death that a Republican governor would jolt them from their comfort zones.

Enter Larry Elder.

To say that these marxists are panicked is an understatement. Check out some of their desperate please to California voters below:

Tweeting her life “depends on it” as she tweets from her million dollar mansion? Alrighty then.

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They call Larry Elder “anti-vax” even though the man is fully vaccinated. Liberal logic!

Ahhh there it is…the Trump comparisons.

Meanwhile, Larry Elder keeps chugging along in the polls as he makes his final campaign stops before the big day on September 14th.

What is your reaction to communist liberals melting down over Larry Elder? Comment below…