Overwhelming Majority Oppose Dem Drive To Defund The Police – Poll

Democrats are playing with political dynamite as efforts to appeal to their fanatical base are now on the verge of sending swing voters running for the exits. 

With the fully radicalized party now exposed as the authoritarian, anti-white racists that they have become in the post-Obama era, Democrats are going to win the election by fomenting racial discord or burn the country down trying. 

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Their embrace of lawless elements that have declared war on the police may play well in hellholes like Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago and New York City but the drive to defund and dismantle the nation’s police isn’t as widespread as the corrupt media would have Americans believe. 

In fact, the exact opposite is true and an overwhelming number of Americans are seriously opposed to eliminating traditional law enforcement and opening the very real possibility that they would be policed by warlords. 

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According to a new poll by ABC/Ipsos, a whopping majority of 64 percent stand in opposition to defunding the police, a number that should serve as a wake-up call to any sane political party – too bad that the Democrats aren’t one. 

Via ABC News, “64% of Americans oppose ‘defund the police’ movement, key goals: POLL”:

Strong majorities of Americans oppose the movement to “defund the police” and some of its most significant goals, specifically reshuffling funding away from law enforcement to support mental health, housing and education programs, a new ABC News/Ipsos poll released Friday finds.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans oppose calls for defunding police departments, compared to 34% who back the movement, and 60% specifically oppose reducing the budget for police to reallocate it to other public health and social programs, while 39% support that move.

But black Americans land differently on the issue, though not overwhelmingly so.

A majority of black Americans support the movement to “defund the police,” (57%) and putting the money towards other community programs (64%), a departure from the other groups. Support among blacks for the “defund the police” movement is more than double that of whites (26%), and black Americans are nearly twice as likely as whites (33%) to back key tenets of the movement. An equal 42% of Hispanics support both.

In the poll, which was conducted by Ipsos in partnership with ABC News using Ipsos’ Knowledge Panel, nearly three in four white Americans and 57% of Hispanics are against defunding the police, and two-thirds of whites and 58% of Hispanics oppose moving budgets elsewhere.

The movement to radically transform and endanger America by stripping funding from police departments has spread like wildfire following the video of unarmed black man George Floyd being killed by a rogue Minneapolis cop and has largely gone unchallenged by a media that carries the water for Black Lives Matter. 

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That the poll results are divided along racial lines is a testament of how successful that the Democrats’ weaponizing of race to retake political power has been even though it is black people in communities that are already ridden by crime who would suffer the most. 

With the country under assault by a lawless insurrection of far-left extremists who are determined to destroy monuments and force white people to bend a knee there has never been a time in the nation’s history when the police are more essential to the safety of Americans. 

And two-thirds of voters know it.

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