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Trending Politics LIVE! FISA Bombshell Exposes Obama Admin Corruption; Shocking Flynn Revelations; More!

BREAKING: Trump to Spend $500 Billion In Aid To Black Communities, To Label Antifa/KKK Terrorist Organizations

Charles Barkley Unloads on the "Fools" Who Are Calling to Defund the Police

BREAKING: Investigation Sparked After Absentee Ballots Found In a Ditch In Key Swing State

BOMBSHELL: FBI Agent Who Headed Flynn Probe Admits That Mueller's Team Had A "Get Trump" Mentality

FBI Employees bought Liability Insurance prior to Russia Probe in fear of being "Exposed and Sued"

Trump Blasts Democrat "War On Cops" As Violence Rages Across America

Kaepernick Calls For Abolishment Of "White Supremacist" Police

Highly Anticipated Poll From Florida Released; Biden Should Be Very Worried

Carlson Rips Apart RBG's Reported 'Dying Wish,' Calls Is 'Pathetic'

Hillary Clinton Says ‘Diabolical’ Supreme Court Fight Is 1 Thing Only

Speaker Pelosi: President Trump "Knows He's Crazy"

President Trump Unveils His "America First" Health Care Plan

Huffington Post Op-Ed: Ginsburg’s Death "Pushed Me To Join The Satanic Temple"

BREAKING: Dianne Feinstein's Husband Involved In College Admission Scandal

Pelosi Claims that Trump Is “Trying to Have the Constitution of the United States Swallow Clorox”

Military Mail-in Ballots Cast for Trump Found Discarded in Battleground Pennsylvania

REVEALED: John Durham Looking at FBI's Handling of Clinton Foundation Probe

Fox News Analyst Says Trump Went to Ginsburg Ceremony 'To Get The Boos'

BREAKING: Military Ballots In Pennsylvania Thrown Out, All Voted For President Trump, Sparks Investigation

Hillary Clinton Proposes New Conspiracy Theory On Why Trump Wants To Pick a New SCOTUS

MSNBC Guest Goes Full Racist Against Black Kentucky AG; 'He Is Skin Folk, Not Kinfolk'

Trending Politics LIVE with TopherTownMusic! Leftists go full racist on black Kentucky AG after Breonna Taylor ruling; Two cops shot; Debunking lies about Breonna Taylor case

BREAKING: Rand Paul Announces That He Is Sending Hunter Biden Report to DOJ for Criminal Referral

Don Jr.: "I'd Be In Jail Right Now" If I Did What Hunter Biden Did

Hunter Biden's Foreign Payments Triggered "Potential Criminal Financial Activity" Alarms At Banks, Dems Silent

NO STAMINA: AP Reporter Confirms Joe Biden Has Already 'Called A Lid' On His Day...At 9:20am EST

Biden Melts Down After Reporter Asks About His Son's Dirty Dealings

Fox News’ The Five Gets Heated After Williams Says Trump ‘Doesn’t Have Empathy’

Pelosi Goes Off The Deep End, Says ‘We Can Impeach’ Trump ‘Every Day of the Week’

GOP Rep. Threatens To Oust Pelosi as House Speaker If She Tries Impeaching Trump

President Trump Responds After Two Police Officers Get Shot During Violent Louisville Riots

President Trump Blasts Meghan Markle, Wishes Harry Luck Because "He's Gonna Need It"

BREAKING: Florida AG Requests FBI Investigation Into Mike Bloomberg For Paying Felons To Vote

WATCH: Jerry Nadler Appears To Soil Himself As He Waddles Away From Podium

"HOW DARE YOU": MSNBC Host Goes Off On Jewish Trump Supporters, Compares Trump To Hitler

Uh-Oh: This NYT Columnist Lays Out Five Reasons Why Dems, Biden Should Worry About Election

REVEALED: Election Watchdog Finds Whopping 350,000 Dead People on Voter Rolls in Dozens of States

Moderate Dems May Defy Pelosi, Join GOP Push to Give More Aid to Small Businesses

Project Finds Less than 1% of Students, Teachers Infected with COVID Since Schools Reopened

Trending Politics LIVE: Biden Panics After Hunter Linked To Overseas Sex Traffickers, and More!

BREAKING: Louisville Cop Involved in Breonna Taylor Shooting Indicted

REPORT: Bill Clinton Had "Intimate Dinner" With Alleged Child Sex Trafficker in 2014

Alyssa Milano Has Meltdown After Conservatives Unload On Her For Calling The Cops On Kid Hunting Squirrels

BREAKING: Senate Committee Claims Hunter Biden Received Millions From Wife Of Ex-Moscow Mayor, Links to Human Trafficking Ring

New Bombshell Senate Report Alleges Deep Overseas Corruption in the Biden Family

Trump Mocks Masked Biden: What The Hell Did He Spend Money On Plastic Surgery For?

2 Key GOP Votes Say They Support Filling Supreme Court Vacancy