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The Washington Post Calls Out George Washington for Racism, Forgets Their Own Name

Oregon County Forced To Change Mandate Which Forced Only White People To Wear Masks

IRONY: Anti-Police Minneapolis City Council Members Get Private Security After Receiving Threats

BLM Takes Over Target: If You Call "The Police" We Will "Shut Your Business Down"

Pelosi Declares That It's Time To Impose A National Mask Mandate

Four Charged For Attempt To Destroy Andrew Jackson Statue; Could Face Years In Prison

BREAKING: California Democrats Push to Abolish John Wayne's Name From Airport

Daily Caller Asked Biden If He Supports Removing Historic Monuments. They Received No Answer.

Princeton Scrubs Globalist Democrat Woodrow Wilson's Name from Public Policy Building Over 'Racist Thinking'

Seattle Police Union Chief Calls Out Mayor, Says CHOP Terrorists 'Holding Entire City Hostage'

WaPo Accidentally Proves Trump Right While Trying to Debunking His Claim That Dem Cities Are Most Violent

Tim Scott Shreds Pelosi For Accusing the GOP of “Trying To Get Away With the Murder” of George Floyd

Senator Tom Cotton Calls Out Dems For Refusal To Denounce Mob Violence

WATCH: Black Americans Defend Lincoln Statue From Antifa Extremists in Washington D.C.

IRONY: Tapper Accuses Trump of "Feeding the American People Lies" About COVID Pandemic

"EAT THE RICH": Black Lives Matter Storms Beverly Hills

These 3 Republicans Just Sided With Democrats In Radial Police Reform Bill

WATCH: Greg Gutfeld Goes NUCLEAR On Juan Williams After He Blames Trump For Inner-City Violence

IRONY ALERT: While Minneapolis Shreds Police Force, These 3 Council Members Hired PRIVATE SECURITY

Houston Coronavirus Cases Explode Weeks After Massive Protests

LeBron James Calls For NFL To Formally Apologize To Kaepernick

Decent Americans Defend Lincoln Emancipation Statue From The Mob

Biden Reportedly Narrows VP Finalist List To Four; Here's Who Made The Cut

BREAKING: President Trump Signs Executive Order Protecting U.S. Monuments.

ENOUGH: GOP Lawmaker to Introduce Bill to Make Monument Vandalism a Federal Crime

REPORT: Surge in COVID-19 in Southwest Coming from Resumption in Cross-Border Travel

BOOM! Trump to Sign Order Making Federal Hiring MORE Fair for Non-Degree Holders

WATCH: Pelosi BADLY Short-Circuits; Says 'George KIRBY' Instead Of George Floyd

Ami Horowitz Video Features White Libs Calling for Defunding Police While East Harlem Blacks Say NO Way!

BREAKING: Dem-Controlled House Approves Statehood For DC

BREAKING: House Republicans Call For Investigation Into "Deadly" New York Nursing Home Order

Joe Biden Says He Will Force Americans to Wear Face Masks In Public If Elected President

WATCH: Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban Features in Black Lives Matter Video

NASCAR Speaks Out, Says They Regret Not Using the Word "Alleged" in Rope Incident

Dem Rep. Pressley: "It's Time. Pay Us What You Owe Us"

Tucker Carlson Warns Trump Could Lose If He Doesn't Put Down The Insurrection

Rhode Island Bends The Knee, Will Change Official Name To Remove 'Racial Connotation'

House Dems Push For D.C. Statehood In Latest Power Grab

Joe Rogan RIPS Celebrities For Being Too Liberal To See How ‘Dumb’ They Look

Senate Confirms Trump's 200th Judge, First Time in 40 Years There ZERO Circuit Court Vacancies

Trump Sidesteps Congress, Signs Executive Order To Jump Start Economy

“Mortifyingly Stupid”: Trump Unloads On Biden For Saying 120 Million People Have Died From COVID