PANIC! After Taking Nosedive In The Polls, Biden Spends $45 Million On Ads ‘Condemning’ Riots

After months of turning a blind eye to destructive riots at the hands of left-wing anarchists, the Biden campaign is changing their tune due to their tanking poll numbers.

According to ABC reporter Johnny Verhovek, the fledgling political operation has turned Biden’s recent Pittsburgh speech “condemning” violence into a TV ad, and they’re going to throw some big money at it.

Verhovek says they will spend $45 million on nationwide digital/TV ads and will focus on the following 9 battleground states: Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin 

Here’s the updated from the ABC political reporter:

This shift in messaging appears to be too little too late, as the Democrats had an entire week at the DNC to denounced violence yet completely failed to do so.

Meanwhile, President Trump and the GOP has come out strong against violence and rioting from the very beginning, and voters have taken note.

During the week of the RNC, C-SPAN was flooded with calls from former Democrats who have thrown their support behind President Trump because he has consistently stood against violence in the streets.

Listen below:

What is your reaction to this news? Will voters fall for Biden’s sudden “change of heart”? 

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