Parler CEO Gives Depressing Update On Status Of The Company

Well, so much for that.

The big tech oligarchs appear to have destroyed the one rising platform that was becoming a serious challenge to their market dominance – Parler.

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After launching what had to be a coordinated effort to deplatform the platform – Amazon kicked Parler off its servers while Google Play and Amazon dropped the app from their stores last week – the founder and CEO gave a dismal update regarding Parler’s future.

As in, there likely won’t be one.

The Washington Examiner notes:

The CEO of Parler, a social media platform favored by supporters of President Trump, said it might not come back after it was taken offline following the deadly Capitol Hill siege.

CEO John Matze told Reuters on Wednesday that much about the app and website is still up in the air after businesses cut ties to the company. Amazon said it removed Parler from its cloud-hosting service because the social media platform was not effectively moderating and removing violent content. Now Matze says the company’s fate is uncertain.

“It could be never,” he said when asked about if and when the platform will be back online for its millions of users. “We don’t know yet.”

Parler’s lawyers have filed suit against Amazon for kicking the platform off its servers over the exceedingly fabricated claim that Parler alone was ‘responsible’ for the Capitol Building assault. In fact, Matze told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson earlier this week that an initial analysis by his company found that more than a dozen people involved in planning the attack did so on Facebook and YouTube.

But of course, those are also run by left-wing oligarchs so that’s just fine and dandy.

“It’s hard to keep track of how many people are telling us that we can no longer do business with them,” Matze said on Wednesday, adding that dirtbags have threatened some of his staff with violence (did they do it online?? Which social platform did they use?).

One notable investor in Parler, Dan Bongino, was more optimistic, however.

“Parler will be back, just so the audience understands,” Bongino said this week on Fox News. “Parler will be back … by the end of the week.”

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That’s tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, the other alternative alternative platform, Gab, is going gangbusters after having spent recent years building its own infrastructure — servers, email, e-commerce platform, etc. 

That’s what Parler will have to do if it will ever be back.

And what’s the Justice Department’s antitrust division doing these days, by the way?

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