Pathetic! Black Lives Matter Releases Absurd Updated Set of Demands

Black Lives Matter has released an absurd updated “set of demands,” and they are just as pathetic as one might expect.

As detailed on their website, BLM now wants Donald Trump convicted for his actions on January 6 at the U.S. Capitol.

“We are joining Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Rep. Cori Bush, Rep. Jamaal Bowman, and others who are demanding Trump be immediately convicted in the United States Senate. Trump must also be banned from holding elected office in the future,” the group says in its updated demands.

Trump must also be “permanently” banned from social media.

“Trump has always used his digital media platforms recklessly and irresponsibly to spread lies and disinformation. Now it is clearer than ever that his digital media is also used to incite violence and promote its continuation. He must be stopped from encouraging his mob and further endangering our communities, even after the inauguration,” the group says.

BLM is also calling for retaliation against any Republican who not only supported Trump but also those who expressed concern about the final Electoral College vote count.

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“More than half the Republican representatives and multiple senators stoked Trump’s conspiracy theories and encouraged the white supremacists to take action to overturn the election. We are supporting Rep. Cori Bush’s resolution to expel them from Congress for their dangerous and traitorous actions,” the group demands. “We also support steps to bar them from seeking another office.”

BLM is also calling for an investigation into the United States military and Capitol Police for “ties to white supremacy.”

“The Capitol was able to be breached and overrun by white supremacists attempting to disrupt a political process that is fundamental to our democracy. We know that police departments have been a safe haven for white supremacists to hide malintent behind a badge because the badge was created for that purpose,” BLM demands.

“We also know off-duty cops and military were among the mob at the Capitol on January 6th. Guilty parties need to be held accountable and fired. We are supporting Rep. Jamaal Bowman’s COUP Act to investigate these connections,” the group adds.

The Daily Wire reports:

Black Lives Matter seems to ignore that the group’s “freedom summer” protests often ended in riots and destruction; in some cases, the riots and arson associated with, or which followed, anti-police brutality and anti-racism protests in the summer of 2020 caused more than a billion dollars in damage and often left minority neighborhoods ravaged.

Black Lives Matter may be working diligently to address the January 6th riots and other “white supremacy” incidents in order to create a public perception of a shift to national priorities.

BLM’s national organization is under scrutiny for how it spends money, facing criticism, particularly, from the families of black victims of police-involved shootings. The families of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, and others claim they’ve seen little in the way of financial support from the national Black Lives Matter organization, despite BLM pulling down nearly $90 million following George Floyd’s death in May of 2020 and spending thousands at luxury resorts.

Recently, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors was exposed for spending millions of dollars on luxurious mansions in high-end areas.