PAY UP: Biden Makes Stunning ‘Clarification’ On Middle Class Tax Hikes That Proves He Was Lying On The Campaign Trail

PHILADELPHIA - MAY 18, 2019: Former vice-president Joe Biden formally launches his 2020 presidential campaign during a rally May 18, 2019, at Eakins Oval in Philadelphia.

Nearly every day he was in office if not every day he was in office, former President Donald Trump was declared a world-class liar by someone.

The Washington Post even built an entire ‘fact-checking’ operation before Trump was even inaugurated to keep track of all the ‘lies’ he allegedly told.

Many of those ‘lies’ turned out to be 110 percent true, such as his claim early on that Barack Obama “wiretapped” him at Trump Towner in New York City. Well, the term ‘wiretap’ isn’t exactly accurate anymore because of advances in surveillance technology, but the premise Trump was making — that Obama was spying on his campaign — was right.

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In any event, back to the Post. The paper decided to shut down its Trump fact-checking operation rather than leave it intact so that the ‘non-partisan’ paper maintained the infrastructure to fact-check the incoming administration of Joe Biden.

And we know why that happened: The Post is nothing more than a propaganda outlet for the Democratic Party; and the editors there knew Biden and VP Kamala Harris were not going to be honest with Americans.

Like, say, about taxes.

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Biden said recently that his tax increases to pay for the trillions and trillions of dollars he wants to spend would come from corporations and wealthy Americans earning $400,000 or more. The disgusting class warfare nature of this predatory tax scheme that punishes success aside, it turns out that Biden wasn’t being honest about that.

Axios has more:

President Biden’s promise not to raise taxes on Americans who make less than $400,000 only applies to individuals — not married couples filing jointly, a White House official clarified to Axios on Wednesday.

Why it matters: The declaration means a hypothetical couple, with each spouse making $399,999, would not escape the tax increase even though they individually earn less than $400,000.

“Their combined income would be $799,998, which the White House believes is sufficient to help underwrite the expanded social safety net the president is proposing,” Axios continued in its exclusive.

But the lying didn’t stop there. Biden also plans to raise the top rates on higher earners — families making $509,300 (who comes up with these numbers?) — from 37 percent (which is already obscene) to 39.6 percent (more obscene because it’ll mean Uncle Sam will get more than one-third of what these people earn). The higher rate would also apply to individuals above $452,700.

This is a far cry from what the British were taxing our forefathers and a helluva lot more than the 7 percent tax imposed on Americans earning over $500,000 when the current income tax regime was implemented in 1913.

Worse, the Biden regime is attempting to whitewash the lie, which is to be expected.

“Consistent with the president’s campaign proposal, we are proposing to reverse the tax cut for the top bracket by returning that top tax bracket to what it would’ve been under pre-2017 law,” a White House official told Axios. “That applies to less than 1% of Americans — the very top earners.”

It doesn’t matter who it applies to; confiscating more than a third of what any American earns is outrageous, especially when you consider those are the folks who start and build businesses and who hire people.

But they won’t if their earnings are going to pay for young, white liberals’ free college and their neighbors’ daycare.

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How do we know? Axios tells us.

“The top 1% would owe an average of $260,000 more per year under Biden’s proposal, according to an analysis by the Urban Institute’s Tax Policy Center,” the outlet reported.

The wonderful economy Donald Trump built that lifted all boats, regardless of status or skin color or anything else, is about to be destroyed in a single year by Biden and his Democrats. And they won’t even be honest about it.