"Peaceful" Antifa Storm Portland Residential Community, Threaten to Murder Residents

On Saturday evening, radical-left Antifa militants stormed a Portland residential community ad threatened to kill people inside of an apartment building by burning it down.

“Black Lives Matter!” the protesters yelled throughout the evening.


“We’re gonna burn your building down!” a terrorist yelled at someone in one of the windows.

“We know where you live!!" they added.

One Antifa extremist accused one of the residents of "internalizing Capitalism" by sleeping.

“You’ve really internalized Capitalism if you’re more worried about getting a good night’s sleep so you can f*cking work!” the radical leftist screamed.

WATCH: (If the video does not play, CLICK HERE)

The situation in Portland continues to get worse as their Democratic leadership continues to fail to take action against Antifa.

On Saturday evening, radical left-wing extremists in Portland, Oregon set a police building on fire after they broke in.

According to the police, hundreds of radicals marched towards the Portland Police Association (PPA) Office and “illegally block[ed]” traffic.

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“People within the crowd committed crimes when they erected a fence, pushed dumpsters into the street to block traffic, set a dumpster on fire, vandalized the PPA office with spray paint, and destroyed security cameras,” the Portland Police Department said. “At 11:35 p.m., people within the crowd broke the window to the PPA Office, unlawfully entered, and started a fire, committing the crimes of criminal mischief, burglary, and attempted arson.”

Local law enforcement stated that they ordered the group to disperse considering the gathering had turned into a riot.

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“Officers from the Oregon State Police and PPB arrived in the area to disperse the crowd. They were met with a hostile crowd who began throwing glass bottles and paint balloons at them,” the statement added. “The hostile crowd also tried to injure officers by shining green lasers into their eyes, which is a crime in Oregon. Three officers suffered injuries. Two were transported to an area hospital by police vehicle and later released. Personnel from Portland Fire and Rescue were able to gain access to the location and extinguish the fire inside the PPA Office.”

“While officers were moving rioters they came upon areas of the street where rioters built barricades with street closure signs, picnic tables, and other types of material,” the statement continued. “Rioters on the other side of the barricade were hurling objects at officers. At that point, officers were able to get around the barricade and continue to push the rioters away from the closure area. About 300 rioters gathered at Kenton Park.”


Journalist Andy Ngo reported on the situation, stating, “Portland Police declared a riot. Antifa broke inside the union hall and set the inside on fire. This is the third time they’ve broken into the police union and the second time they set fire inside.”

“Overnight on 8–9 Aug, hundreds of Antifa descended on the @PortlandPolice union building again in north Portland,” Ngo added. “They blocked the road, started street fires & tried to burn down the union hall again. Video from inside shows the arson attack.”

“Antifa rioters have started a street fire in north Portland (far from the federal courthouse),” Ngo said in another tweet. “There are no police outside. The busy street is entirely shut down again.”

“Antifa rioters brawl with Oregon State Police in north Portland,” Ngo added.

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