Pelosi Backs Off On ‘9/11 Style Commission’ To Probe Capitol “Insurrection”

Democrats and their media partners have cynically exploited the events of January 6th to silence critics. Meanwhile the Biden administration has unleashed a torrent of radical executive orders, but the well may be about to run dry.

Major components of the Democrats’ false narrative about the so-called “insurrection” at the Capitol have collapsed. Nancy Pelosi is now walking back her support of a commission along the lines of the one that investigated the causes of the worst terrorist attack on American soil in the nation’s history.

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Ordinary Americans (including grandmothers and soccer moms) getting hauled in front of a tribunal for the high crime of simply being in Washington during a protest that went badly awry would be a bad look for Democrats. Madame Speaker’s passion for such a public spectacle has significantly cooled.

Back in February when Pelosi was accusing Republican House members of being the “enemy within” she declared, “To protect our security, our security, our security, our next step will be to establish an outside, independent 9/11-type Commission. It is clear from his findings and from the impeachment trial that we must get to the truth of how this happened”.

Now Pelosi is singing a different tune.

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In remarks during an interview with USA Today Pelosi climbed down from her earlier position. “It’s always an option“, she said, “It’s not my preference in any way. My preference would be to have a commission”.

She added, “The one thing among our members that is consistent is – we must find the truth”. She then shifted to replacing the 9/11-style commission with a select committee of Congress. This new committee would be similar to the one that investigated the disaster in Benghazi during the Obama regime.

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Pelosi’s change of heart comes after major elements of the false narrative about the “riot” have collapsed. Most importantly is the bogus claim promoted by the Democrats and the corrupt media that Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick was bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher wielded by a Trump supporter.

The complete malarkey lost further credibility after another Capitol Police officer was murdered by a black Nation of Islam disciple. Their leader Louis Farrakhan being the virulent hatemonger and open antisemite who has Democrat sympathizers within the Congressional Black Caucus.

Further complicating matters for Pelosi is the bombshell revelation contained in a just-released 104-page report by the agency’s internal watchdog. The report stated that the Capitol Police had advance warning of the so-called “insurrection” and were ordered to stand down.

According to the New York Times: “The Capitol Police had clearer advance warnings about the Jan. 6 attack than were previously known, including the potential for violence in which “Congress itself is the target.” But officers were instructed by their leaders not to use their most aggressive tactics to hold off the mob, according to a scathing new report by the agency’s internal investigator”.

The Times reported that, “the agency’s leaders failed to adequately prepare despite explicit warnings that pro-Trump extremists posed a threat to law enforcement and civilians and that the police used defective protective equipment. He also found that the leaders ordered their Civil Disturbance Unit to refrain from using its most powerful crowd-control tools — like stun grenades — to put down the onslaught”.

Those who have suggested that the “riot” was allowed to happen had been shouted down as conspiracy theorists. Now, the inspector general report would seem to support and lend credence to the idea. This report would be very inconvenient for Pelosi if that idea came out during nationally televised hearings.

So it looks like the commission is kaput and will be replaced by another one of the highly partisan congressional investigations. We all remember the routine inquiries during the Trump administration, and the endless witch hunt over the Russia collusion hoax.

Move along, nothing to see here.

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