Pelosi, Dems Mocked Over Ridiculous Photo Op Of Kneeling In African Garb

Democrats and their racial pandering may have finally jumped the shark on Monday after Nancy Pelosi led her troops in a ridiculous photo op in the U.S Capitol that was so cringeworthy that it has elicited widespread mockery. 

In the effort to extract the maximum amount of political capital from the tragic killing of an unarmed black man by a vicious Minneapolis cop, Pelosi and her minions showed up in Emancipation Hall to take a knee and for good measure, wore African scarves as a prop. 

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It was complete political theater and once again exposed the hypocrisy of Democrats who had spend a week wailing in faux outrage that President Trump stood in front of a historic church that was set ablaze by Black Lives Matter/ANTIFA arsonists with a bible in his hand. 

Pelosi’s stunt comes after Democrats and the media’s incendiary anti-white racist rhetoric triggered a week of riots that set cities across the country ablaze, allowed looters and violent thugs to run wild and exposed their social distancing charade as the farce that it always was. 

Via The Hill, “Pelosi, Schumer kneel in silence for almost 9 minutes to honor George Floyd”:

Senior Democratic lawmakers, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.), knelt during a moment of silence shortly before unveiling a legislative package of police reforms Monday.

About two dozen lawmakers knelt for eight minutes and 46 seconds as a tribute to George Floyd, the unarmed African American man who died after a now-former Minneapolis police officer pinned his knee on Floyd’s neck during an arrest for that length of time.

Lawmakers, wearing African kente cloth scarves, knelt in the Capitol Visitor Center before holding a press conference to unveil their legislation in response to almost two weeks of nationwide protests over police brutality toward African Americans.

“We are here to honor George Floyd,” Pelosi said before the moment of silence began.

After almost nine minutes, Pelosi and the other lawmakers stood back up, though the Speaker needed the help of an aide due to her tall stilettos.

“You see how long it was to have that knee on his neck,” Pelosi said afterward.

Shameless, utterly shameless but with Pelosi, it is all a big show. 

The Kente cloth scarves were reportedly provided by the Congressional Black Caucus which declared war on President Trump largely because they were pissed off that Barack Obama was limited to only two terms by the Constitution. 

In a perfect metaphor, once the photo op was finished, one camera that was still rolling captured the octogenarian Pelosi needing assistance to stand up which has lead to some speculating that she may have been hitting the sauce too early. 

But like defunding the police, this stunt may already be badly backfiring as many found it to be insulting to black people who have already had to endure the slip of the tongue from presumptive nominee Joe Biden that “you ain’t really black” if you don’t vote for him.

One writer compared it to “political blackface” which sums it up perfectly. 

Pelosi and her fellow travelers are being flayed alive on Twitter:

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But much worse for the Democrats is that much of the criticism is coming from those who would normally be considered allies but who have been sickened by this overt act of racial pandering. 

How did it really go for the Democrats? 

The morbidly obese impeachment fanatic Jerrold Nadler put an exclamation point on the morning. 

The excessive orgy of mayhem and outrage that used poor George Floyd’s death for yet another cynical political attack on President Trump may have seriously boomeranged this time and with racial unrest erupting on the streets, Pelosi is not going to be able to get this genie back into the bottle. 

Floyd will be buried on Tuesday; dear God Democrats, please let the man rest in peace.