Pelosi Hears Where Trump May Accept GOP Nomination; Vows To Stop It At All Costs

President Donald Trump announced last week that he has canceled the Jacksonville component of the Republican National Convention as coronavirus cases spiked across Florida.

While speaking to reporters from the White House briefing room, the president said the coronavirus pandemic forced his hand.


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The RNC had suggested that it was planning to hold scaled-back events in Charlotte, North Carolina.

But Trump tossed a wrench into things this week when he mentioned possibly accepting the Republican nomination at the White House.

And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi freaked out over the idea.

During an interview on MSNBC, Pelosi was asked about Trump telling Fox News that he thought it would be easy and reasonable to deliver his acceptance speech for the Republican nomination at the White House due to the coronavirus.

Queen Nancy was not happy about it.

"It won’t happen, let’s put it that way," the California Democrat said. "Whether it’s legally wrong or ethically out of the question, it shouldn’t have even been something that was expressed."

Mitchell then asked, "Can you stop him?"

"He can't do that," Pelosi quickly responded.

She added that in making the suggestion, the president was "diverting attention from the fact that people are dying in our country."

Earlier in the day, Trump told Fox & Friends about his plans for accepting the Republican Party's nomination, which have repeatedly been disrupted by restrictions and developments associated with the COVID-19 health crisis.

"We are thinking about doing it from the White House because there's no movement. It's easy, and I think it's a beautiful setting, and we are thinking about that. It's certainly one of the alternatives. It's the easiest alternative. I think it's a beautiful alternative," he said.


Another day, another outrageous comment from Pelosi.

During an interview Sunday on CNN, the California Democrats seemingly took a shot at President Trump's weight with a not-so-subtle insult.

“I don’t intend to come on one of these shows and talk about the, shall we say, wanderings of and the notion maundering of the president of the United States,” Pelosi said. “He succeeds because all we do is talk about it. So, why are we talking about this?”

“You would think that there would be an ounce in that big frame of decency to say something about the importance of voting in our democracy instead of criticizing somebody else’s eulogy,” Pelosi later added.

Pelosi also appeared to mock Attorney General William Barr’s weight this week and has falsely claimed in the past that Trump was “morbidly obese.”


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