Pelosi OK With Destruction of Christopher Columbus Statue: ‘People Will Do What They Do’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now supportive of tearing down the statue of Christopher Columbus, who literally discovered America. 

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During her press briefing on Thursday, the California Democrat said she didn't oppose Black Lives Matter protesters tearing down Columbus's statue in Baltimore, Maryland.

“People will do what they do,” she said.

Black Lives Matter protesters also smashed the statue into pieces on the ground and then tossed it into the Inner Harbor.

Below is a partial transcript:

Q: Madam Speaker, this question is close to home for you. The city of Richmond is obviously in sync with your desire to get rid of Confederate statues. But in Baltimore, in Little Italy, the statue of Christopher Columbus was removed, or taken down, and I wonder if you have anything to share with that.

Pelosi: Well, I’m not — you know, I don’t even have my grandmother’s earrings. I’m not a big let’s see what we have in monuments and this. I’m more interested in what people have accomplished. I think that it’s uptimes to the communities to decide what statues they want to see. But I think that it’s very important that we take down any of the statues of people who committed treason against the United States of America, as those statues exist in the halls of Congress, in the Rotunda — not the Rotunda, I don’t think, but in the Statuary Hall and the rest, some of them are. But I’m not one of those people who’s wedded to, oh, a statue, to somebody someplace is an important thing. I don’t — again, if the community doesn’t want the statue there, the statue shouldn’t be there. Doesn’t diminish my pride in my Italian-American heritage, and the fact that it was a country discovered by an Italian, named for an Italian, Amerigo Vespucci. So — I have that pride. But I don’t care that much about statues.

Q: Shouldn’t that be done by a — respectfully, shouldn’t that be done by a commission, or the city council, not a mob in the middle of the night, throwing it into the harbor?

Pelosi: People will do what they do. It’s a — I do think that from a safety standpoint it would be a good idea, to have it taken down if the community doesn’t want it. I don’t know that it has to be a commission, but it just could be a community view. And sometimes it’s something that’s been there, that view has been there for a while.


Pelosi declared last week that “the American people know these names have to go,” referring to Confederate monuments, painting, and statues across the country and in the U.S. Capitol building.

While the president has come out against tearing down our nation's history -- regardless of how ugly some parts may have been -- House Republicans just folded like a cheap table and are giving Democrats pretty much everything they want.

On Monday, the House Armed Services Committee voted 56-0 to pass the $740 billion National Defense Authorization Act for 2021.

Buried deep in this bill is an amendment that would rename all Army posts currently named for Confederate generals.

The House bill includes the demand for the Department of Defense to rename the bases and other military properties within one year.

The House bill includes a ban on Confederate flags on all defense properties.

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